Doepfer Bringing ‘Vintage’ Modules & More To Winter NAMM


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Eurorack modular creator Doepfer will be introducing ‘Vintage Versions’ of their A-100 modular synth line.


In addition, Doepfer wil be introducing several new modules.


A-110-3 is a Thru Zero VCO with triangle core. The term “Thru-Zero” means that even “negative” frequencies are generated. But this a bit a misleading term as negative frequencies do not really exist. “Negative” means in this connection simply that the triangle wave will stop when the linear control voltage reaches 0V and continue with the opposite direction as the linear control voltage becomes negative and vice versa.

A-110-4 is a Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO. The module is based on an idea by Donald Tillman from 2003 but has been revised for the use of modern electronic circuits (no OTAs/CA3280). Because of it’s unique trapezoid core it’s totally different compared to other VCOs. But the trapezoid core is not the only specialty: it is also a quadrature VCO and features linear thru zero frequency modulation.

Module A-121 is a voltage-controlled multi-mode filter with a cut-off slope of -12 dB / octave. Four simultaneous outputs are available, each with different characteristics: low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and notch (or band reject). The cut-off frequency determines the point at which the respective filter effects appear. The frequency can be adjusted manually, or by voltage control (Filter modulation, for instance by an LFO or ADSR). Two CV inputs are available, whose control voltages are summed. Resonance (Emphasis or Q ) can be adjusted manually, or by voltage control, right up to self-oscillation, in which case it will behave like a sine wave oscillator.

Module A-168-1 is a pulsewidth modulation generator (PWM Module). It derives a rectangle signal with adjustable pulsewidth from an external triangle, sawtooth or sine wave. The external signal can be an LFO, VCO or any other signal with falling/rising slopes (e.g. ADSR). In addition the pulsewidth can be modulated by a CV signal (e.g. LFO or ADSR). The typical application is the generation of a rectangle signal with PWM from VCOs or LFOs which do not yet have this feature (e.g. A-110-4, A-145, A-147-2, A-143-4, A-143-9).

Note: The colorful alternate faceplates are only a design study, made with a self adhesive foil printed by a color laser printer. There are no plans to offer these versions of the modules commercially. But Doepfer plans to offer the panel designs as downloadable designs that owners can print. Doepfer has also previously introduced colorful knob options.

6 thoughts on “Doepfer Bringing ‘Vintage’ Modules & More To Winter NAMM

  1. Doepfer have quite a few unique modules in their lineup. Glad to see them bringing out even more. Still set on getting an A-113 in 2016!

  2. Wait, I don’t understand the point of the trapezoid core VCO. You could get that with their already existing sine core TZVCO or the triangle core TZVCO right next to it and use their distortion module to clip it?

    Otherwise, I love that doepfer is moving toward alternatives to their trademark useful but boring panel designs

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