How To Get Your 80s On, Synth Style

This video, via 80’s Electronic Music Production, demonstrate how to get your 80’s on, synth style, using a Linn 9000, Juno 106 bass, Juno 60 brass, DX7 keys, 808 hi hats and Korg Polysix lead. 

Here are the technical details:

This is a video of a song I sequenced an hour before filming.

In it, I use the sequencer of the Linn 9000 to clock the TR 808, and send MIDI to a variety of synthesizers and a Linndrum drum machine.

This is very much mid 1980s what I call high end italodisco. High end Italodisco is a more polished lush sounding genre, less cheese and harder hitting sounds. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “How To Get Your 80s On, Synth Style

  1. It would be really nice to hear a more original sounding style using these same instruments and techniques, nice key change though! Always wondered how that worked.

  2. Hey man, not sure if i’ve messaged you before, but go get onto Synthwave Producers now.
    As well as Synthetix FM.
    I’m kinda assuming you might be someone i already know, but just incase….go check out those facebook pages.
    If you’re not already in the groups, you will love what you’re about to discover….

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