What’s Dave Smith Bringing To The 2016 NAMM Show? (Sneak Preview)

This short video, via LA industrial band 3Teeth, offers an unofficial teaser of what Dave Smith Instruments is bringing to the 2016 NAMM Show, scheduled for next week in Anaheim, CA. 

3Teeth notes, “That time Dave Smith came to our dressing room after the show and personally invited us to his shop to try out a new synth he’s unveiling soon.”

Think you know what he’s introducing? Share your thoughts in the comments!



28 thoughts on “What’s Dave Smith Bringing To The 2016 NAMM Show? (Sneak Preview)

  1. Regardless of what Dave Smith is trying to drain from our retirement accounts this year….

    3Teeth is an excellent old school style industrial band. On tour with Tool now, I believe. Synths, samples, and electronic distorted vocals. Like Skinny Puppy meets Cubanate maybe, with some Pig guitars thrown in.

    1. I am surprised I never heard of them (especially because it looks like I have friends that have remixed them) – listening and they aren’t all that bad considering the fact that post 2000 or so industrial music kind of devolved to crap that tended to be some sort of W: or suicide commando clone unless you went subgenre like powernoize, synthpop, etc. – that being said – I am not hearing a ton of real analog-y usage… and wondering why DS would show off to them….

    1. What a joke, Trent Reznor hasn’t made anything industrial in years. His music sounds like a mix of prog and psychedelic with some electronic disco laid underneath. Have you been to a NIN show lately? I like what he does, but it’s a far cry from industrial these days. The LA scene is bringing it back big time with bands like Youth Code bringing the music to a new generation. Skinny Puppy, FLA and Haujobb kept it real over the years, while exploring new sonic territory and pushing the boundaries.

  2. With the Mopho being discontinued, i have a feeling they are replacing it with another short scale however more knobby replacement. Kind of a Sub 37/Phatty to the Little Phatty.

  3. I was at 3Teeth’s first show in LA. Aside from the guitar, everything was playback, including the vocals. I hope and have heard they don’t do that anymore, but I stopped being a fan after that night.

    I don’t think it will be a pro one reissue, but I do think it will be a monosynth based upon a p6 with enough of a twist to convince you to empty your bank account.

  4. I guess a New Poly Evolver-type of synth. That’s what I think it is. It’s a logical next step for DSI, considering almost cult following that the original Poly Evolver Keyboard (PEK) obtained since it was discontinued. Dave Smith aims for the higher-end pro market, and he obviously knows what he’s doing.

  5. Dave Smith’s stuff is very overpriced considering it’s SMT, so there’s no reason his Prophet line should be so pricey, as Korg has proven with the excellent VCO Minilogue analog poly for $499.

    1. The best synths Ive ever used have been DSI synths, you pay for quality and well designed products.

      Try the PRO2 for a few weeks and tell me its not amazing with its state variable filter.

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