Touché Promises To Be An Expressive, Sensual Controller

Expressive E shared this second teaser video for a new electronic music controller, Touché, that promises to be an expressive and even sensual way to play music.

The video features Adrian Utley, John Baggott, Matt Robertson & Rone, sharing their thoughts on the Touché.

The company has this to say about the Touché:

Touché’s wood surface has been designed to react to the smallest vibration, the slightest pressure of your hand, allowing synth players to shape sounds spontaneously, like an acoustic instrument. Its companion software allows for customisation of parameters, while MIDI, CV and USB ports allows Touché to control any digital or analog synthesizer, with or without a computer. That’s why Touché is the perfect device to use with a synthesizer for more inspiration and fun!

The new controller will be making its debut at the 2016 NAMM Show, being held Jan 21-24 in Anaheim, CA.

11 thoughts on “Touché Promises To Be An Expressive, Sensual Controller

  1. These say nothing, show nothing teasers really awakens the force of my interest. I will now take this deep interest and go to sleep after a long graveyard shift. Yawn…..

  2. On the one hand: a teaser like this is going to get me into their booth to check it out. On the other hand: I’ll be at NAMM for 3 days, and will end up in every booth that’s on point at least once. So in practice, all this does is make sure I check it out on Thursday instead of whenever I make it to Hall C.

  3. It must be something like the O-Bow.

    The O-Bow was featured in last years Guthman Musical Instrument Competition –

    If it is, it looks like a really interesting new type of controller. A lot of controllers like the Roli ect are very gimmicky so a new type of bowing pressure action could lead to some creative new sound manipulation. Could of course be something entirely different.

  4. I hope its sold at the right price point, as Roli got there first in the expression stakes. And the Seaboard is the right price in my opinion. Good luck with it though!

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