Soundtronics Launches Kickstarter For Music From Outer Space DIY Module Kits


UK-based DIY supplier Soundtronics has launched a Kickstarter project to help fund the development of module kits, based on the Music From Outer Space designs of Ray Wilson

Soundtronics’ DIY synth modules are currently compatible with 5U (MOTM format). The Kickstarter project is to help fund bringing the modules to additional formats, including Eurorack, Dotcom, and Frackrack.

See the project site for details.

Note: Wilson was recently diagnosed with cancer and has suspended the MFOS store while he undergoes treatment.

Soundtronics adds:

We shall be working with Ray over the coming months to not only ensure the availability of the MFOS product range, but make it the most complete DIY synth range on the market.

Many of us have been directly or indirectly affected by cancer, so we would like to take this opportunity to ask that you consider visiting Ray’s crowd funding site where you can directly contribute to Ray’s medical expenses.

4 thoughts on “Soundtronics Launches Kickstarter For Music From Outer Space DIY Module Kits

  1. been waiting for modules from music from outer space via eurorack for a long time
    ray makes some great stuff
    wish him a fast recovery. def supporting

    1. Though Ray provides drawings of 5U panels I have drawings of all his stuff in Eurorack and it translates beautifully. Eurorack MFOS has always been possible, you’ve just had to DIY. In any case It’ll be great to have these laser-engraved panels available, in whatever format.

  2. I love the idea of having a lot more 5u module kits available, but if they want to get project backers, they should offer some benefit to the people that back the project – like a discount, first availability of the modules, etc.

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