Studio Electronics Bringing Three New Euro Modules To 2016 NAMM Show

Studio Electronics is bringing several new Eurorack modules to the 2016 NAMM Show.

The modules include:

  • Quadnic – a collaboration with SpaceHardware—a deeply featured 12hp module with four digital oscillators—each with a selection of 64 waveforms, 7 different processing modes including phase distortion and wave sequencing, and a dedicated volt per octave input.
  • Charcot Circles – a step sequencer
  • STE. 16

Details, pricing and availability are to be announced. The 2016 NAMM Show is scheduled for later this week, Jan 21-24, 2016.

via Geoff Farr

2 thoughts on “Studio Electronics Bringing Three New Euro Modules To 2016 NAMM Show

  1. Still hope someday on a low(er) cost Omega or Code (8) module with state of the art components. These sound so incredible. Having enough of space eating desktops/tabletops. Should be possible in a 2U using SMD and newer components. With external CC/Ssysex MIDI control. Plse.

  2. With few exceptions, I’m not interested in modules that don’t have a knob per function. That kind of immediacy, to me, is part of the allure of modular.

    I think 4 oscillators should have 4 sets of controls. Am I alone in this train of thought?

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