Oberheim Mini Sequencer Debuting At 2016 NAMM Show


Marion Systems Corporation will be introducing the Oberheim Mini Sequencer at the 2016 NAMM Show

The Mini Sequencer is designed by Tom Oberheim and is a Eurorack format module.

Details, pricing and availability are to be announced. The 2016 NAMM Show is scheduled for later this week, Jan 21-24, 2016.

via Geoff Farr


9 thoughts on “Oberheim Mini Sequencer Debuting At 2016 NAMM Show

    1. The Volt/Oct is probably for transposing., but it is really odd not to have a Reset and Clock In.

      Maybe this wants to be a master clock only. The MIDI has clock and transpose, which is cool.

      Of course, this is designed primarily for sequencing a pair of SEMs and other features are extras.

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