Korg Intros Kronos Platinum Music Workstation


At the 2016 NAMM Show, being held in Anaheim, CA Jan 21-24, Korg is introducing the Kronos Platinum – a limited-edition platinum model of the KRONOS-88.

The Kronos Platinum is a style variation of the Kronos 88. They note, “All specifications other than color are identical to the conventional model of the 88-key KRONOS.”

For more info, see the Korg site.

17 thoughts on “Korg Intros Kronos Platinum Music Workstation

  1. *yawns* time for the big guys to get on board the mpe train… start-ups are establishing the niche and paving the way. no need for the 50th variation of a damn workstation.

    1. Just posted on a similar thing, so while it is fresh – aren’t all 16 part workstation synths MPE controller ready? You would just have a music set with about 10 parts all using the same preset with their own MIDI channel, then whenever you open the preset, or set as default, you are ready to go. The only way I could see that getting any more MPE controller ready is if they made that preset for you, so you change one sound and change all sounds on all MIDI channels at once.

      The very natural of how MPE works means that all workstations with 16 parts and 16 MIDI channels is ready to go out the box, with a little configuring, but you would configure your own set with your own sounds and channels anyway, so no extra work really.

      1. well, apart from the technical feasability which classic workstations may or may not provide i thought rather along the lines of that organic, human interaction and the intuitive and immediate malleability of sound(s), without having to go through a hassle, bc that takes away so much of your flow. that’s where mpe controllers definitely shine. simple, inviting interfaces so our creative juices can flow freely, all the while benefiting from all the complex ways the bowels of the instrument itself is able to output.

        once we have a better collective grasp and standards towards mpe i think we’ll appreciate the new ways we create and manipulate sound and smile thinking of the years when pure midi and its quirks and limitations mostly used to give us headaches rather than joy 🙂

        1. I think you are right. And the fact that all these old 16 track workstations could be used for MPE, and aren’t used for that, is maybe evidence how little exploration has been done, and should be done. Too much focus on analogue modulation sounding and the nuances, and not enough focus on the sound foundations, and true expression within that. We got a long way to go still. Yet, while the market is harking after 40 year old analogue tech I don’t see a real advancement soon – it seems altogether self-destructive in nature.

    1. Yep. A different color. What do you suppose the thinking is, with this sort of thing? I mean, if they offered a bunch of colors, I could see people springing to buy one in a screaming red or something….there’s gotta be SOMEONE who wants a color-coordinated stage rig. But, “Hey, it’s SILVER!” What’s the selling point there? Is that really going to motivate a Kronos owner to swap? To pull someone off the fence about buying a Kronos?

  2. They change the color to match brand new Minilogue , so Kronos can be used as complimentary synth along with humongously powerful Minilogue.

  3. I like the new color. Reminds me of my M3-88. I think it also makes the panel text more readable. And yeah, it makes it family nicely with the Minilogue. I would have preferred wood-tone endcaps instead of the black-tone wood.

  4. money for old rope, this is what companies do if they have a surplus in stock and the product has started to bottom out. sell it in different colours, or add more FX’s what ever and call it the something or other with a plus, may be even x2.

  5. It looks good and it is still worlds ahead of any other hardware synth or workstation on the market. Is it revolutionary? Of course not but I don’t think that is its intention. It’s just a nice little special edition thing for people that might want one in a different colour.

  6. Yawn at colour upgrade. But, that said – I own a Kronos 2 61key and it’s a damn fine synth. A little fiddly complex at times but my god it’s powerful and sounds lush

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