Roland Intros System-500 Complete Set ‘A Modern Classic’


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Roland is introducing the SYSTEM-500 Complete Set – an all-in-one modular synth that they call ‘a modern classic’.

The Roland System-500 Complete Set is based on the classic SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M,. Made for Eurorack format, it’s a complete system, with multiple oscillators, filters and effects. It comes in a custom case with patch cables.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Complete analog modular synthesizer with multiple oscillators, filters and effect
    • 512 module with two voltage controlled oscillators with saw, sine and square waves
    • 521 module with two voltage controlled filters with selectable high-pass filters
    • 530 module with two voltage controlled amplifiers each with multiple CV inputs
    • 540 module with two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO with five waveform types
    • 572 module with classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and invertible LFO
  • Vintage Roland analog sound in a modern instrument
  • Includes case, power supply, and braided patch cables
  • Versatile wood and metal case is portable, stackable and can sit flat or angled
  • Numerous CV connections for an array of modulation possibilities

Roland says that the SYSTEM-500 Complete Set delivers “the classic character and playability of a vintage Roland modular synth, with all the advantages of a modern instrument.”

Here’s a series of videos that look at using the Roland SYSTEM-500 modular:






Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability for the Roland System-500 Compete Set are TBA. See the Roland site for more info.

26 thoughts on “Roland Intros System-500 Complete Set ‘A Modern Classic’

  1. What some people may be missing here is that this is part of the Boutique line. The unit pictured in the article is shown in its actual size.

  2. the (nicely done) vid shows the great and well known dinosaurs to sell an actual hobbit version. can this thingy not speak out for itself?

    1. These modules are Euro format, developed by Malekko, they have metal faceplates. Trust me, they have nothing in common with the boutique synths, or even the Aira Euro modules.

  3. Be interesting to see the street price. A lot of modular companies will sell you a “complete” system though so I don’t know how this would stack up against a pittsburg modular kit.

    Roland is a big company though so they should be able to squeeze pricing more for better or worse.

    1. It does! Code up to 32 note sequences in the arpeggiator section. I always thought it strange that they didn’t really advertise the feature very well.

  4. it honestly sounds great. holds up well against the 100m, (without the gritty noise of almost 40 years of detritus building up in the pots!) …. great job by Roland and Malekko… not for everyone, but for the “ones” who want it, a great system imho…

  5. interesting product. But I don’t like those small short miniature faders on important parameters … I don’t thrust Roland faders (many issues in the past in my JD800, MV8800, usb controllers and other) they MUST use KNOBS… please KNOBS if you want to have a working synth in future years.

  6. $3444 AUD in Australia. Pricey! But still, the chance to own something like a Roland System 100M would be great. But will it be great enough to make me choose it over a Moog Mother 32 triple stack?

  7. Would doubt the cost of a module is over $75. The SYR-E84 case is 349 Euro, some sheet-metal, two pieces of wood and a power supply, IBYP (I Beg You Pardon) Like all modular stuff,, mega rip offs. No not the regular excuses here… it a small company … it’s engineering cost (what engineering for a off the shelf power supply)

  8. Curious about that last plate-covered empty space, to the far right. Just enough room for an upcoming midi interface? With midi in, a channel selector, and a vertical line of jacks for gate plus pitch-, mod-, velocity- and aftertouch-CV. Would make the package even more complete, at least for some of us.

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