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Nord_Piano3_Top_viewAt the 2016 NAMM Show. This week, Nord Keyboard has introduced their latest instrument, the Nord Piano 3.  The piano makes use of a new keyboard technology, and has improved grand weighted action, “Ivory touch” and expanded memory for the Nord Piano Library.

The Nord-exclusive Virtual Hammer Action Technology simulates the hammer movements in a Grand Piano, and the Piano3’s Triple Sensor keybed allows key movements to be determined with a high degree of precision, for dynamic playing.
Nord Piano 3 Key Features:

  • 88-note Triple Switch keybed with improved grand weighted action NEW
  • Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology for greatly improved key response NEW
  • Ivory touch for authentic feel NEW
  • OLED-display for better overview NEW
  • 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library NEW
  • 256 MB for Nord Sample Library NEW
  • Layer and split-functionality
  • Nord Triple Pedal included

Piano Section

  • 4 Dynamic Curves
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise with Nord Triple Pedal
  • Advanced String Resonance (Gen 2)
  • Soft Release

Sample Synth

  • Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls


  • All effects in Stereo
  • Tube overdrive simulation
  • Vibe effect
  • Separate Reverb/Delay effects
  • Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah-wah can be controlled with Control Pedal

Repetitions. The Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology enables the player to produce a new note without lifting the key completely. This allows for smoother repetitions as the tone is not completely dampened between strokes, similar to the fluent transitions possible on a grand piano.

Extended triggering range. The new keyboard technology makes both top and bottom triggering possible, resulting in heightened control when playing percussively as well as pianissimo with the keys half-pressed down.

Nord_Piano3-Program_SectionDynamic Release. The Virtual Hammer Action Technology also includes velocity-sensitive release, dynamically dampening the sound based on how quickly the musician releases the key.

Weighted action and ivory touch. The keybed has added weight for improved dynamic control and features a textured “ivory-like” surface, for a more authentic piano touch and feel. In addition, the individual Fatar keybeds are “meticulously” calibrated at the Nord factory for an even response over the whole range.

Product Specs. The Nord Piano 3 features a new triple sensor keybed with Ivory touch and improved grand weighted action (A-C). The Nord Piano 3 weighs 18,2 kg (40,7 lb) and measures 1287 mm (50.7″), 121 mm (4.8″), 340 mm (13.4″).

Nord_Piano3-Sample_SectionNord Sound Libraries. The Nord Piano 3 features 1 GB of memory dedicated to the exclusive sounds from the Nord Piano Library, and are carefully selected for their specific and individual character. The Nord Piano Library is filled with uniquely-sampled acoustic and electric instruments, with a broad range of velocity levels allowing for “exceptional” dynamic control.

The Factory Bank features 6 Grand Pianos, 5 Upright Pianos, 11 Electric Pianos, Clavinet and Harpsichords. Replacing the sounds in the Nord Piano 3 is a simple matter of dragging and dropping files in the Nord Sound Manager for Mac and Windows.

The Sample Synth section in the Nord Piano 3 has 256 MB memory dedicated to the Nord Sample Library 2.0 – the company’s essential selection of sampled sounds from a wide range of genres, including the exclusively-licensed sounds of the Mellotron and Chamberlin.

Pricing and Availability. The Nord Piano 3 will begin shipping in May 2016, pricing TBA. More information will be available at the Nord Keyboards site.

10 thoughts on “Nord Keyboards Intros Nord Piano 3

  1. the quality of nords products is exceptional but how long can they keep upgrading them to create sales. surely in a company that creates such quality they could create more innovative products for the wider market.
    that red design is one of the most compelling and desirable in electronic music, i would love a nord just for that aesthetic aura they bring.

  2. It feels like watching a young boy mature, get fat, bold.
    This company is not only going downhill since after g2, they are also speeding at it…

  3. Cut Piano range into half, from 2 models to one and only the top model remains.
    Why not put the engineering effort in combining the Electro with Piano into an Electro 88 an forget about the Piano range., that would have saved lots of engineering cost. Next year a Lead 5 or a Stage with a OLED display. that perhaps will be all ?

  4. Yep. No G3 again…with the surge in interest in modular stuff I’m amazed nord continue to ignore…they could make a killer synth. Such a shame!

    1. They have! It’s called the Lead A1. It’s a very inspiring sounding synth that encourages making sounds on the fly.

  5. I’d like to try this, but anything advertised as ‘grand piano’ action often means too heavy an action. One of the things I like about the Nord Piano is the light piano action that is so easy to play; I think I’ll keep my existing Nord Piano for the time being..

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