Roland AIRA Modular Customizer Update Adds 16 New Modules


2016 NAMM Show: Roland has updated the AIRA Modular Customizer app, adding 16 new modules.

The new modules include:

  • 3 BAND EQ
  • FILTER 18dB
  • FILTER 24dB

Here’s the official video intro:

With the AIRA Modular Customizer, you can reprogram the internal signal path of Roland AIRA Modular effects. It is compatible with TORCIDO, BITRAZER, DEMORA and SCOOPER.

See the Roland site for details.

15 thoughts on “Roland AIRA Modular Customizer Update Adds 16 New Modules

  1. …great news! Well done Roland…i was not sure if Roland will follow the Customizer-Concept since it seems that the AIRA Modular Effects aren´t so popular which i don´t really understand, because the ability to change/customize your module is in my eyes really useful…you need a noise module…load it…you need another LFO…load it…this is really instant access to many operations and functions. One thing i am missing is kind of a platform/library to exchange custom patches with other users…> Roland..think about it, or someone else will do it.

  2. The Aira effect modules are now more versatile and a lot more usable in a (modular) setup.
    If you want you can customize is to a completely different module, save it and load it at any time.

    PC/MAC/iOS/Android compatibility makes it very easy to use in a lot of circumstances.

    Well done Roland!

  3. I hope Roland continues this with a module that is a blank slate, which can be programmed as such and turn into anything the user wants. I have the scooper and love it.

      1. you can use the audio outs as cv outs, they have a full voltage range
        I know that seems to defeat the purpose, but think about it, if you’re using the knobs (griffers, what a stupid name) to control the cv you wont really have access to the effects controls anyways. or you could just use it as a mono effect and mono cv controller

        1. that´s true…but two dedicated CV OUT´s would be nice….i am sure Roland will think about a blank module with INs and OUTs and knobs and buttons…maybe the size of two those modules but with a lot more options to patch, push and trigger…the C(ustom)-Console…..buttons for stepsequencing..and so on…just dreaming…but who knows.

  4. Good move- I was on the fence have no rack space left (I know these will sit external) but this update made me pull the trigger- just ordered (£219 UK) will be here tomorrow 🙂

    Continuous development rewarded with hard cash!

  5. amazing update: altough initiall ythe only 80 ms ofdelay is a bummer (i guess otherwise they wont be selling the demora no more :), it is a really good module, very strong sonically. the tube is a bit extreme, 1 is exciter, a boven one is distortion)

    now all we need is a small firmware udpate:

    – inputs need to be louder or have a gain setting -20 0 +3 !!

    – sync light when working from usb (now only works wit h gate in conencted)

    – cv in – out changer (u now lose ur only 2 audio outs to CV out)
    – scatter filter and pitch pre loop
    – looper midi controllable

  6. Man, these sound absurdly good. And big high five to the Aira team for making the config app available on mobile devices from the start.

    1. indeed…the whole concept is very platformfriendly and the option to load the patches as audiofiles without the use of any computer is just gorgeous.

  7. Have the bitrazer and only just found the xtra modules a few days ago….brilliant…the one module now does more than 1/2 my rack…i did think the same thing about a blank module you could load up with modules and patch in and out of…

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