Roland EL Cajon EC-10 Combines Acoustic + Electronic Percussion


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Roland has introduced the EC-10 EL Cajon, an acoustic + electronic hybrid cajon that combines acoustic cajon performance with the ability to layer in 808 and other electronically-generated sounds.

In the performance demo below, percussionist Heidi Joubert features both the acoustic and some of the electronically generated sounds of the EL Cajon:

Here’s what Roland has to say about the EC-10 EL Cajon:

Thanks to its compact size and versatility, the cajon has become the most popular instrument for on-the-go percussion, from local jams and street busking to nightclub performances and beyond. With its built-in Roland sound module and independent head and edge sensors, the EC-10 extends the cajon’s organic simplicity to open new dimensions of expression for any musical style.

Spice up singer/songwriter and combo gigs with layered tambourine or djembe, add backbeats with an acoustic or TR-808 snare, or bring in some low-end thump with an electronic kick. Studio-optimized cajon sounds are also on hand to enhance the acoustic cajon voice for more depth, dimension, and punch.

The Roland EC-10 EL Cajon has a street price of about US $400. See the Roland site for more info.

26 thoughts on “Roland EL Cajon EC-10 Combines Acoustic + Electronic Percussion

  1. As of 5 minutes ago, I never would have thought of the term “Electric Cajon”. And now I’m definitely buying this product. Thanks Roland for once again hitting me right in the wallet.

  2. This has to be the worst demo Heidi has ever done on a cajon, it’s also the least clothing I’ve seen her perform in on YouTube.

    Either she or Roland made some very poor decisions, but I’m putting it on Roland. I can’t. Imagine they ever asked a male performer yo wear less clothes for a product promotion.

    1. It’s the first I’ve seen of her but I agree that the box on box innuendo is pretty tacky and in poor taste.

      It’s an interesting product though, even if the sounds remind me of the 90s TD line…

    2. IKR, what an utter travesty. There’s nothing worse than a sultry, scantily-clad woman exhibiting her percussion skills. I mean, WTF were they thinking? I don’t think “offended” is a strong enough term for what I’m experiencing right now.

    3. “Imagine they ever asked a male performer to wear less clothes for a product promotion.”

      Well I recall a young Jordan Rudess, it wasn’t pretty but he could play a few extra notes – very surprising to see a pianist do that.

    4. Roland may have come up with the sexy vid idea, but the ultimate decision was her own.

      As for the cajon, the Hippie Harmonica of the 21st Century, anything is an improvement.

  3. I can recommend experimenting with contact mics inside a cajon. Not easy to set up the isolation, so if Roland have cracked that in a ready to play box, well done.
    Also… top tip: always wear pants.

  4. I’m not impressed at all. The demo didn’t even showcase any different sounds from what I heard plus I on;y care if it can play like a cajon. The only think that would be cool is if you could change from having snares to having guitar string sounds, and that’s it,

  5. guess roland’s marketing decision maker worked in tyre industries before…

    anyway, this video will sell. sex always sells, no matter what. welcome to the internet.

  6. That’s a nice piece of ply, I heard rumors that Roland were sitting on this thing.

    I feel a bit dirty having watched that, people say sex sells but I am actually less inclined to buy now – it is a shame that we are still expecting women to put their real talents to one side, and focus on the superficial. Roland, I see you want to make the cajon sexy, but you think this is the way to go about it in 2016? Nah.

  7. Sex sells? She’s wearing little clothing?
    What the F are you guys talking about. She’s almost fully covered. Do you want her to wear a burka or something?
    Guess you guys don’t have a girlfriend and already go horny when seeing a little bit of skin. Grow up. 😉

    1. haha, agree!
      Totally normal girl, wearing totally normal dress, looking totally normal and playing nice instrument made by Roland.
      Oh, i forgot, you are offended, lol. Seems that many of you are reading and watching too much of feminist stuff.

  8. I get why they would release an instrument like this rather than just a stompbox that you can connect a piezo to. It makes it pretty turn-key and includes an amp. I seriously doubt that the little speaker or built-in amp can produce any kind of low-end, still it probably adds some interesting effects.

    It is one of the cornier demo vids I’ve ever seen, but I don’t blame Heidi Joubert. I expect she was just kind of “directed” to jam and “have fun” and then they just chopped something together something from all the footage & audio.

    Personally, I don’t mind that Roland has developed this instrument. Ironically, there is now a button on your Cajon that will make it 78% more exotic … the OFF button.

  9. I think it seems a pretty interesting product. But like the Theremini it will take some serious backlash from purists, which is fair enough. I wonder if the accoustic sound is compromised in any way by having a bunch of electronic guts? Also I wonder if you could splice into the lower trigger to have an external piezo trigger input, like a portable stomp pedal.

  10. News Flash!!! Roland/Heidi Joubert WON NAMM’s ‘Best Demo’ Award with this… check it out, people, you’ll have a much better idea of the musical/percussion possibilities for this instrument… across various musical genres…

    p.s. putting aside any preoccupations with sexuality, sexist agendas, mysogeny, etc., Heidi’s real, genuine, communication and playing style was so APPEALING, STEVIE WONDER had to get up on the demo stage with Heidi, sit on the EC-10 and try it out. And, as everyone knows, Stevie is BLIND to all but the QUALITY of the demo artist and Roland’s newest hybrid acoustic~electronic percussion offering. HE REALLY DUG IT!!!

    1. Good for Heidi! but STEVIE WONDER travels with a minimum 10 person entourage so the the idea that he got up with Heidi completely because his ear and not because someone told him there’s a large crowd checking out a hot chick is not so believable

  11. And.. here’s another of example of Heidi Joubert’s professionalism in an interview at NAMM2016, with a European online music retailer… I sincerely doubt that Roland has ever had an international artist-rep do any better representing their product. Please, people, before leaving sexist remarks in Comments, take a little more time to straighten out your research..

  12. Miking a cajon at the port produces a lot of bass if you need that. Hard to tell how much volume this device adds to the acoustic cajon, and whether the synth sounds are usable.
    If you’re curious whether Joubert deserves her rep as cajoner extraordinaire, or just overplayes, then listen to her without looking, as you should every musician. I’m of two minds myself, but her appearance has nothing to do with it.

  13. Jesus Christ people lighten up.. Heidi is sexy if you have seen any of her vids you would know she has that sexy Bohemian look if you will. Scantilly clad? Please. Stop it.

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