25 thoughts on “Vermona 14 Synthesizer Overview & Demo

    1. LOL. Yeah, we saw Thomas last year at NAMM doing the same kind of Vermona 14 demo. I like how his parting words are, “Yeah, have a great show, and we see us maybe next time at NAMM.” Will it be deja vu again with Thomas at NAMM 2017?

      The Vermona 14 does look like a good, well built synth. The jury is still out on the overall sonic capabilities since we didn’t get to hear much from it. With no patch memory, it will need to be competitively priced in order to sell well, which I’m afraid will not be the case.

      1. He told me around 2000 euro when I pressed for a price at NAMM.

        It’s a beautiful synth and very well built. It also sounds fantastic.

        1. I actually meant, how does the OP know it wont sell many if it’s over 2000 euro, because surely then Moog and DSi, Buchla etc would all be bankrupt.
          i think its a lovely looking and sounding machine, moreso than the matrixbrute.

  1. With the MatrixBrute coming in around the same price, it feels like there’s no comparison. I could see this being more well built though.

    It DOES sound very good and there’s something I like about it anyway. I hope they become available in Canada because I’d like to see it in person.

  2. I really like the sound of the Vermona gear that I have and have tried. This is a tough sell. Perhaps I am a bit of a masochist, but I personally love a stripped down toolset that excels at a few simple things. I could see myself getting along really well with this synth.

    Really excited that they untied velocity to filter cutoff from the VCA at all times, which on the Mono Lancet got on my nerves.

    At the end of the day for me, it should be about building a relationship with an instrument, and I get the feeling that I could build a lasting one with this simple mono.

    1. I agree with everything you say.

      Above all else their kit always sounds great, I hear those tones and start putting it into an effects rack in my head – I am building a relationship with that thing just hearing it.

      Meat and potatoes; but a good organic portion, spiced up and cooked to perfection – and unless you know the chef then that has a price.

      1. As much as I wish this were true, it simply isn’t.

        Read the wording in the manual: “ADDITIONALLY to the VCA the filter cutoff frequency can be modulated by velocity. Use CC88 to turn that on/off. THIS ONLY WORKS IF the e.g. int controller is not in the middle position AND CC#87 IS ON.”

        CC#87 is as you might have guessed – VCA velocity. So no, it is impossible to have the Mono Lancet route velocity to the Filter independently of the VCA. I have tried and there is no work around that I am aware of.

        Thus what I said above. If you know of a workaround PLEASE PLEASE share it with me.

  3. I’m sure iris a great synth, but being. Year late may cost them dearly- there is a lot of choise in the analogue market now, including a 4 voice poly for 500 bucks….mono syntax will realY need to stand out (like the matrix brute or permanently sold out mfb dominion)

  4. I can’t see this succeed against competition from the Moog Sub37, if it is not considerably lower priced. Man, this thing doesn’t even have patch memory… Even if they cut the price down to 700, there is still the Korg MS-20 to beat 🙁

  5. I love the sound of their synths. I definitely want to get a perfourmer mk 2 as soon as my budget permits. I get excited when something like the minilogue comes out, but the sound of something like this is worth the price difference. Ever since I got my A4 I dont care so much about the price.

  6. damn it sounds REALLY nice in the bottom end there. Solid and warm.

    No patches is a dealbreaker for me tho. Maybe they just forgot about patches whoops….

  7. 2600€…if this was a 3 oscillator synth with 2 sub oscillators, maybe you could sell it for 2k..but not this configuration. The Matrixbrute is only 2k, and has more functionality. It’s called Vermona 14, and should be priced at $1400.


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