Yamaha Montage At The 2016 NAMM Show

This video, via Audiofanzine, captures a demo of the new Yamaha Montage synthesizer. 

The Montage, available in 61-, 76- and 88-key configurations, features the Motion Control Synthesizer Engine. The Motion Control Synthesizer Engine controls two iconic Yamaha synthesis options: Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and FM-X:

  • The AWM2 engine is compatible with previous generation Motif libraries, but is exponentially more powerful than the previous Motif XF flagship, with nearly ten times more wave memory, integrated flash, double the effects and twice the polyphony.
  • Joining the powerful AWM2 engine is FM-X, a sophisticated pure FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer engine.

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha Montage8 (88-key), Montage7 (76-key) and Montage6 (61-key) will ship in May 2016. Pricing is TBA.

30 thoughts on “Yamaha Montage At The 2016 NAMM Show

    1. Ya man, how dare Yamaha release a keyboard with piano sound. don’t they know synth sounds is all that matters? stupid company.

  1. I care a lot about all kinds of rompler sounds, and love FM, but:
    It is not nearly worth it’s price.

    2 engines and costs as much as high end work station.

    I pay 1599€ for a digital synth, at tops. Yamaha is the king of overprice.

  2. This super-knob business is pretty dumb. We already have a super knob, it’s called a mod-wheel; and yes, yamaha, we can assign many parameters to be controlled by this one “knob”.

    The Turnado app also has that “one-big-knob” idea. It is useful, but its dumb to treat it as some kind of revolutionary idea.

    In a more ideal alternative universe:
    “We’ve put these larger knobs up here, 8 of them, so if you like to adjust parameters with sliders use those, and if you like knobs use these. We’ve assigned multiple parameters to the first knob, and you can load other preset parameter-to-controller mappings, or create your own based on the parameters you most want to control in realtime and how you want to group them.”

  3. I think that it was a mistake to leave off sampling. A Kronos has been able to do everything I’ve seen these do and much more since 2011. Ten times the ROM of the XF? That’s still less than the Berlin Grand alone.

    I do care about romplers because I play shows backing up artists. I need good, real sounds as well as crazy synth stuff. This thing does sound good but without sampling it’s not a complete enough solution for my needs.

  4. No mention of the important sequencer specs… laughable presentation. Yamaha basically implemented their Mobile Music Sequencer app into the board. Every sound has its own patterns (arps). The thing is still a workstation, according to Motifator forums…
    Yamaha Montage Sequencer specs:
    Note capacity: 130,000
    Note Resolution: 480 ppq
    Tempo (BPM): 5 – 300
    Performance Recorder: 64 Songs, 16 Sequence tracks, Tempo track, Scene track
    Recording type: Real time replace, Real time overdub, Real time punch in/out
    Sequence Format: Montage original format, SMF formats 0, 1
    Arpeggios: 8 Parts simultaneous (max.)
    Arp Presets: Approx. 10,000 types
    User Arps: 256 types
    Motion Sequencer: 8 + 1 lanes (max.)
    http://www.motifator.com/index.php/forum/viewthread/476570/P180/ (scroll down)

    1. No, it’s not a workstation as Motifator is not a Yamaha sanctioned site.
      What color is the sky in your world, sally?

  5. Dave Smith Instruments look backward (and forward at the same time), while new stuff like this Yamaha seems like an unfamiliar programming nightmare.

    Synth people seem to be gravitating more toward the retro sounds and retro style of programming.

  6. I can’t see where is the 3½ floppy disk entry… I guess that the large screen displays Karaoke lyrics wonderfully…
    Despite all this, that’s an AMAZING synth for current year 1995… It’s time to give up our Roland Xp-50

  7. Montage….Hm!!! this has AWM2 + FM-X what a new!!! the next will has AWM2 + FM-X + AN-X Oh!!! and the next AWM2 + FM-X + AN-X + VL-X and the final all above plus Sequencer…. and after 10 or 15 years YAMAHA has a complete new power workstation…. Ha ha ha so predictable!!!!!

    1. Yep… it will be Montage, Montage ES, Montage XS and Montage XF… while in the mean time, Korg will release the Kronos, Kronos 2, Kronos Studio and Kronos Extreme… while Roland will release the FA-S, the FA-X and finally the FA-G… That’s pretty much the roadmap for the next 10 or 15 years!

  8. Are the details of the FM 8op algorithms up yet? Are there real specs? Still waiting to see if it have the FS1R bag of tricks, like formant sequencing.

  9. nice ROMpler but many years ago Korg and Kurzweil offer these massive layering capability in their workstations. This “super-knob” is an insult of the intelligence of a synth programmer…

    No soul in these one and the interface don’t invite to work new sounds, very very traditional layout for my taste.

  10. I have a Kronos 88X, so not interested in this, especially given the ridiculous price. I’d rather hand my money over to Arturia for the Matrix Brute and Korg for the Minilogue. I’d get way more capability and enjoyment. Once again, Yamaha fails to impress.

  11. IS the End of Yamaha on modern Synths, if they don’t see the future…this company is done, at least on the Synthesizer Arena

    1. Right. I mean they’ve only been in the business since 1887.
      Do you have anything else insipid that you want to post?

  12. This release matches the ‘copy machine repairman’ outfits all the employees wore at their NAMM booth this year: corporate and boring, yet safe and comfortable!!
    Besides the wireless MIDI Bluetooth adaptor, their most lauded product was a keytar strap accy for their other smash hit, the reFace! 😉
    Seriously, they have the technology to fly spaceships, but focusing on being ‘everything to everyone’ is really hurting their rep. Just look at the impact Korg made with the Minilouge and the Volca FM. Did you hear the Korg demo dude say ‘you can import your DX7 sounds’ right off the pitch? Direct hit…

    Yamaha got buried again this NAMM – but don’t worry – next year we’ll have the Tyros 6, finally with a touchscreen and a super realistic chiff flute!

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