Free Korg Minilogue Ableton Live Pack


Ableton Live guru AfroDJMac let us know about a free Live Pack that he’s created, based on sounds of the new Korg Minilogue.

“I know many people are excited about the Minilogue from Korg. And for good reason: it sounds awesome!” he notes. 

The Korg Minilogue Live Pack includes 4 Ableton Live Instrument Racks that AfroDJMac says “gives a taste of what the Minilogue can do.” The presets are called Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

The Korg Minilogue Live Pack is a free download from the AfroDJMac site.

18 thoughts on “Free Korg Minilogue Ableton Live Pack

  1. And what kind of crap it is? Just riding the waves of popularity ? Using someone else samples because he have no mnilogue, saying it gives a taste of how it sounds and taking credits for this kind of action is simply lame.

    1. Did you know you can connect any MIDI keyboard in the Minilogue? This MIDI IN thing is quite fantastic. For example, I do not like the 2 octave keyboard in my Minibrute, so I connected a 5 octaves keyboard in the MINI IN connector on the Minibrute and bingo! My Minibrute is now equipped with a 5 octaves keyboard. Don’t you think its amazing?

  2. building this rack and making it free is probably the best form of self promotion i have ever seen…

    I know that you do a lot of racks both free and paid, and by all means you deserve every penny of those because you truly deserve t, but i just can’t help see how perfectly timed this rack is, and making it free will def entice more people to try it out now that there’s a lot of hype on it and a lot of gear lust over it…. which will in turn direct more traffic and users to your site… benefitting you. AND at the same time, everyone will get to enjoy this awesome rack for free because of your talent and niceness… so it’s the first case of win-win self promotion i have ever seen 😀

    well plaid Mr. AfroDJMac…. and thanks again 🙂

  3. Well on his page you can get it for “free” but also “donate”. I somehow don`t like this concept.
    If i was to download it, of course i would pay something. But i like clear things and not this kind of “FREEE” and then you go to a page and there is a donation suggestion. this reminds me of ipad apps that are “free hurray!” and when you use it it`s either full of adds or it tells you “if you want to really use it buy the cheap upgrade”.

  4. Assuming AfroDJMac has sampled the Kylie Minogue’s oscillators correctly, how well do Ableton’s filters match those of the actual physical synth?

    As the quote goes “The soul of a synthesizer is the filters.”.

    Also the minilogue has cross modulation (presumably some form of frequency modulation) and that’s likely to alias badly in digital recreations.

    So overall, I suspect this will only give you a very crude approximation of the real device, and will not capture the true essence of its analogue sound.

  5. People really annoy me with this Kylie Minogue “joke” (that is so played out and wasn’t even funny the first time). Why? Because there is an extremely influential electronic music duo actually called MINILOGUE. If you are going to joke about the name being similar to an artist… you’d think it would be the group that shares the SAME EXACT NAME.

    Every time someone says it, they prove they have no idea about synths or electronic music because they’ve never heard of Minilogue (the group). If you’re that guy, go listen to them now and forget all about Pop music. Also, realize that you’re unoriginal, not funny, and should stop repeating things you read on the internet.

    Lastly, you should learn to read or get some glasses.


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