Roli Seaboard Rise Review

This set of videos, via Marius Leicht, is an in-depth eview of the Roli Seaboard Rise MIDI controller.

The review is in German, with English subtitles. It takes a deep look at the Rise, covering:

0:34 Introduction
1:58 The 5 dimensions
7:20 Microtonality
10:58 Matrix 1000 + Strymon
11:50 Equator Software
15:02 Equator sounds
17:42 Controlling other synths
19:13 Setting up the Blofeld
21:17 Blofeld Sounds
22:26 Setting up the Matrix 1000
24:16 Seaboard Hardware
26:12 Conclusion
28:42 Outro Music

Leicht also shared a video that’s just performance examples:

The Seaboard RISE is available for $799.99 at the ROLI site and at select music stores.

19 thoughts on “Roli Seaboard Rise Review

  1. Interesting product but these “guru style” demo don’t help me to visualise the instrument in my hands.
    Next time a simple table and just the hands of the user please…(not the feet) And another thing… he talks about the “foot controller” but in that “guru” position no musician can demo that function… its nonsense and been on the floor is ridiculous.

  2. this is how we sit in germany. this is how we roll. we love carpets and antique style wooden furniture. i am still waiting for comments on hair style, though.

    but anyway, the demo is profound and informative. camera shows all the details i need to see. isn’t this the point?

  3. Dude takes time out of his day and all you guys can do is take shots at how you would prefer him to do a demo for you in his spare time in a different way.

    So entitled guys

  4. I thought that was a really informative video – and whilst I’m familiar with the Seaboard, I learnt a few interesting things as to how it works with other synths like he Blofeld and the Matrix 1000. I’d never heard of that Guitar-Synth mode. Kudos to Marius for taking the time to make this, share it with us, and some cool music too 😀

  5. maybe 1 out of 100 synthtopia-posts where someone can actually play an instrument and you guys pick on him because of his way of setting up his stuff? wow…

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