SoniVox Debuts ‘Singles’ Virtual Instruments at 2016 NAMM Show

Virtual instrument developer SONiVOX announced at The 2016 NAMM Show that they have released the first five of its series of virtual instruments called Singles. SoniVox describe Singles as “bite-sized downloadable virtual instruments” which provide producers “a single high-quality instrument at an outstanding value.” With Singles, artists can choose the specific instrument they need, complete with a powerful synthesizer and effects to customize the instrument for a range of production situations.

Each Singles instrument is self-contained and comes with its own player. Each Singles instrument is optimized for its specific task, and each player differs slightly from the others in functionality and aesthetic, but Sonivox staff assure that all share “the same essential traits of sonic realism, intuitive operation and unexpected low cost.”

SoniVox Singles features:

  • Synthesis engine technology developed in-house by SONiVOX includes Master, Envelope, Filter, and LFO controls.
  • Each Single includes powerful effects provided by leading developers AIR Music Tech and iZotope (effects vary per title).
  • The full Singles collection includes orchestral instruments,vintage keyboards, ethnic tonal and percussion instruments, electronic instruments, guitars, basses and more.
  • Includes full support for the industry standard Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software provided with select Akai Pro and Alesis Keyboards.
  • 32 and 64 bit Mac and PC-compatible; works as a VST, AU or AAX plug-in for any compatible digital audio workstation

Pricing and Availability. The first five SONiVOX Singles are available for download now starting at $19.99 USD at Sonivox:

  • Harpsichord
  • Blue Jay Drums
  • Classic Bass
  • Bright Electric Guitar
  • Harmonica

SONiVOX plans on expanding the collection with more than 35 titles over the next several months. For more information, visit the SoniVox website.

5 thoughts on “SoniVox Debuts ‘Singles’ Virtual Instruments at 2016 NAMM Show

  1. interesting. this is stuff that akai would put onto the ssd that would come with the upcoming standalone windows atm mpc. they desperately need to produce factory content for the flagship mpc. sonivox and akai are both parts of jack o´donnell´s inmusic ´imperium´. native´s maschine expansions are lightyears ahead of the content that currently comes with the mpc´s – even with the new touch.

  2. > Includes full support for the ***industry standard*** Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software provided with select Akai Pro and Alesis Keyboards.

    Cackle! I guess if you say it enough times, people might start to think it’s true.

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