Air Music Tech Expands Virtual Instrument Offerings With AIEP3

At the 2016 NAMM Show: Virtual instruments developer AIR Music Technology announced this week their newest expansion pack, AIEP3.


The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 (AIEP3) is a collection of existing titles, such as Loom, Strike, Structure, Transfuser 2, Vacuum Pro, Velvet, Hybrid 3, along with the newly added DB-33, Mini Grand, The Riser plus Flux Transitions and Fresh AIR Expansion Packs. The AIEP3 assortment covers a broad range of styles and musical sounds, along with comprehensive sound-shaping controls and presets.

New. Included for the first time in AIEP3 are The Riser, Mini Grand and DB-33. These virtual instruments are suited for use with popular Digital Audio Workstations and allow composers the ability to create music using “absolutely authentic,” genuine keyboard sounds, which give their music a uniquely realistic and accurate quality.

Mini Grand. Simple-to-use, powerful virtual piano instrument with seven different acoustic piano sounds, suited to a broad range of musical styles and production needs.

  • Premium quality piano samples
  • 7 selectable piano models covering a wide range of piano sounds
  • Re-pedaling technology, recreating super realistic string resonance behavior
  • Built in room simulation
  • Equal and stretched tuning available

DB-33. Virtual organ instrument that recreates the sounds and controllability of classic tonewheel organs such as the Hammond B3, and the rotary-speaker cabinets they are often played through.

  • AIR-proprietary vintage organ model
  • Custom designed, extra-realistic convolution rotary cabinet sound, also usable as a stand-
    alone effect
  • Tube overdrive emulation
  • Includes over 120 presets

Plug-in compatibility. Every title in AIEP3 has universal plugin support for VST, AU and AAX.

Pricing and Availability. Air Music Technology’s AIEP3 will be available during Q1 2016 and will retail for of $399.99. DB33 and Mini Grand are available for immediate download for both PC and Mac at for $79.99 ea.

5 thoughts on “Air Music Tech Expands Virtual Instrument Offerings With AIEP3

  1. I like Air’s stuff that I got through Pro Tools. Too bad I refuse to upgrade to PT11 with 64 bit. DB-33 is a really nice and Xpand2 is a great rompler, hope they continue to upgrade that one too. Not sure how it measures up to Native Instruments stuff but it has to be close in quality.

  2. Too bad they don’t offer any crossgrade for people that already got most of those plugin with Protools in RTAS/AAX.

    If they would, I might upgrade it to get the VST/AU versions to use them in Logic, Maschine, etc… but since they don’t, I won’t spend another 399 bucks on something I pretty much already own.

    1. Yeah, I am potentially running into the same problem if I switch from PT here shortly. It does appear they are offering reduced upgrade pricing for PT users on some of these ($49.99) according to website, but you have to email. Might be worth asking them. I may try this with a few of my favorites of this collection if I switch.

  3. If they will not offer a reasonable upgrade option to owners of AIEP2 I think it is a bad business and I will not buy the AIEP3 anymore. I have been buying their stuff from day one. Also decided not to upgrade to PT12 anymore. Will stick to 10 and 11 for as long as it is possible. Onto Cubase Pro 8.5 now and enjoying it all the way.

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