Arturia KeyStep Overview

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Arturia has introduced the KeyStep Controller & Sequencer— a new USB MIDI controller keyboard and polyphonic step sequencer, with CV connectivity.

Heres’s an overview from the Show floor on the KeyStep’s capabilities and features. 

The KeyStep Controller & Sequencer is expected to ship in Spring 2016, priced at  €119.00 EUR/$149.00 USD.

See the Arturia site for more info.

10 thoughts on “Arturia KeyStep Overview

  1. velocity and aftertouch
    polyphonic step-sequencer
    ability to record, overdub, and transpose your sequences in real time, arpeggiator mode and chord play mode
    USB MIDI, standard MIDI in and out,clock sync and DIN sync jacks and CV/GATE outputs, plus a separate, assignable modulation CV output that can be used with the mod wheel, velocity or aftertouch.

    Looks like the best spec and price on a mini keyboard to me….120 euro (under a hundred quid?), I will take one.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure why they did the same thing here that they did with the original Beatstep here. No screen for tempo? Limited features for a cheaper device, but in the end everyone will want to upgrade. This combined with the Beatstep Pro would be the ultimate controller/sequencer (with tons of CV outs and at least 2 MIDI outs).

  2. I want to like this, but Arturia has had such quality control problems with Beatstep and Beatstep Pro, at least in the 1.0 versions, it’s hard to get too excited about it until there are some experienced beta users…er…customers…that have reported good experience.

    I own a Microbrute where the sequencer still isn’t fixed when externally slaved…not that I bought it for the sequencer so I don’t moan about it but you can find plenty of threads on forums where people do just that.

    So I hope this one is different. Arturia can build some nice stuff like iSEM which is a fabulous iOS soft synth. I need something with more keys than my ancient Axiom 25…but I’ll wait and see.

  3. Wow, this looks great! Major competition for engine. I know Engine is a lot deeper, but this has double the polyphony. I’m leaning toward this now. Perfect for what I need it for.

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