Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Hands-On Demo


2016 NAMM Show: At the Winter NAMM Show, Dave Smith Instruments introduced the OB-6, a collaboration between synth pioneers Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim.

The OB-6 is a 6-voice synthesizer, with all-analog signal path and discrete VCOs and filters, with a sound engine inspired by Oberheim’s original SEM.

Here’s a video demo, from the NAMM Show floor, of the new OB-6:

Pricing and Availability

The Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 is manufactured and sold by Dave Smith Instruments. It will be available in March, with a US MAP of $2,999. See DSI’s site for details.

24 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Hands-On Demo

  1. Doesn’t sound like a SEM-6 but hot damn does it sound good. Enjoyed the demo but I’d love to see Cuckoo do 30 minutes at home with it.

  2. Sounds great, and there’s no doubt that the build quality is top notch. I still feel that for 3 grand, the synth should have at least a 5 octave keyboard. The Prophet 6 is actually quite small when you see it in person, and the OB-6 looks to be the same size.

        1. I think it was in the sonic state press day video where Dave basically said “Because Tom has to get paid too”. Fair enough.

          1. the continuous-variable Filter mode is unique, definitely not on any other synth. I do seem to like the sound better than the character of the Proph 6 too with the SEM, whether it si different management of the vco or filter or subtle mix of both. Excited to see a side-by-side comparison of the thickest sounds 😀

            1. Is continuously variable filter mode not on the Modal Modulus 002 digital/analogue hybrid synth from the UK? Can be modulated too I think. Best to check videos online or specs for confirmation.

  3. If you want the Oberheim SEM 2 voice synth with 37 keyboard .they are available. Oh, BTY.. It sells for $3,500.00…now what sounds better?

  4. For perspective, this OB-6 is only about 7% more than the Prophet-6, whereas in 1981 the 6-voice OB-X was nearly $2100 more than the Prophet-5 (in today’s dollars). Also,the Two Voice Pro is $3500.

      1. I’ll try thanks ! Sir Dave, sir Tom, if you read this, make a desktop version for the poorest passionate people please. This sound must be available for everybody. For now I’ll use my adorable Matrix 1000, but all my money now belongs to the OB-6.

    1. If it means that much to you you can make it happen. I wouldn’t say it’s just about attitude/belief/faith, but with a smart financial plan, dedication, creativity and patience you can save up for it eventually.

  5. Better in sound quality than any of DSI’s other synths. Vibrant, alive and true VCO quality. Finally, an analog poly from DSI with no compromise in sound. Will purchase this.

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