Korg nanoKontrol Studio Overview From NAMM 2016


At the 2016 NAMM ShowKorg announced the nanoKontrol Studio – a wireless DAW controller that offers eight channels of faders, knobs and buttons. There are also transport controls and a jog wheel.

Here’s an overview from the NAMM Show floor by Korg’s James Sajeva:

The nanoKontrol Studio is battery operated and can connect wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows.

The nanoKontrol Studio is expected to ship in April. See the Korg site for details.

10 thoughts on “Korg nanoKontrol Studio Overview From NAMM 2016

  1. I always wonder what are these jog wheels useful for? I know I can assign it to anything I want, but I see no reason it would be more functional or precise than a standard encoder. It’s not a snarky comment – I’m just fishing for some cool use cases. Especially related to Ableton Live as it’s my DAW of choice.

  2. @Kamil
    Jog wheels are not just bigger knobs, they work differently.
    They suppose to give more precise control over certain parameters, like timeline location in DAW/video editor or value of certain parameter. While letting you be more precise, at the same time they let you do very broad/quick changes. That is why they are used I.E. in samplers like MPC for setting parameters or studio controllers for manipulating timeline location and thousand other things.
    I hope it makes sense to you 🙂

  3. I like it it… except I never could get the nanokontrol 2 I picked up a year ago or so to work with reaper properly…

    1. Yup, one day people will learn that all we really want is 9 motorized faders, pan controls, record/solo/mute etc buttons and transport controls for less than a mackie MCU and whoever makes it will make a shedload of money. Behringer xtouch looked good on paper but reports are not good so far

    2. presonus faderport is about as close as you can get on a budget. had one for a while but the rotary encoder went haywire.

      as for master out control, map it to jogwheel.

  4. Long live the original nanoKontrol.

    (Can’t beat the open design with 4 scenes and 9 faders. For me it’s what makes my portable VB3 setup possible. Not every nano device needs to be a mixer. Korg – please don’t stop making these!)

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