Yamaha Intros Reface Keytar Adapter

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At the 2016 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced a keytar attachment for the company’s line of Reface mobile mini keyboards.

The combination of the keytar attachment and the Reface’s support for battery power means that users have the same freedom to move around as guitarist and bassists.

Yamaha’s Nate Tschetter gave us a quick overview of the new Reface Keytar Attachment, and was clearly having some fun with it:

The Reface Keytar Attachment clamps onto both sides of the keyboard, and includes buttons to snap on a strap.

The Reface Keytar Attachment (MSRP $79.00) will ship in February 2016.

23 thoughts on “Yamaha Intros Reface Keytar Adapter

  1. I played the Reface DX and CP last night, they sound good – but trying to play on the keys made my fingers hurt – no thanks 🙁

    Also, nobody got time f’that

  2. I don’t understand the steep price. If it has screw holes on bottom could have just spend the money on a pair of $10 strap buttons.

    The concept is a little silly but there is some retro funk or devo cover band out there who will probably love this.

  3. I carted a roland D5 up to uni on the train (and bus) once; As I was also carrying a suitcase, guitar, and backpack. I ended up screwing a guitar strap on the bottom of it and taking it the whole way as a keytar. If that worked for that sort of distance on that heavy a keyboard, there seems little point in spending $80 to do the same with something the size and weight of a reface.

  4. It’s a bloody strap that bolts into the bottom of the end cheeks. Yamaha should seriously re-evaluate the people in their marketing department that made this stuff up. It’s a carrying strap and nothing more.

  5. They should be giving away two refaces for the price of one, they’re so overpriced… When is the new analogue thing coming out? They seemed to suggest a bigger CS might be on its way with some of their Reface promotion.

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