Korg Minilogue Factory Presets

This video playlist, via mattoverse, captures short demos of each of the factory presets on the recently introduced Korg Minilogue.

If you want to know more about the Minilogue, see these previous posts:

The Korg Minilogue is available now, priced at about US $500.

13 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue Factory Presets

  1. It is analog and sounds analog to me. Like the wave display. Not a great demo, but shows the basic raw wave shapes. In the right hands, it will sound good. For $499.00 it is a good deal. If you want more from a synth, you have to pay more. But be realistic. For a poly analog synth at this price? Not bad.

  2. I think the one tiny mistake they made with this synth relates to the percieved “thinness” and its mentioned/explained by Tats in one of the NAMM interviews, probably the SonicState one.
    He says that they kept the filter pretty clean because in a polysynth you dont want as much colour as you would in a monosynth – the thinking being that chord harmonics and filter nonlinearities would be bad. A mess of unrelated harmonics.

    However, most customers for analogue are looking for those nonlinearities, drive, saturation, “fatness”, etc. Lets face it, with a 4 note polyphony we arent using it for complex tonal clusters. We want overdriven powerchords.

    The older “vintage” polysynths such as the Rolands used to hype the bottom end with a sneaky hipass. Moogs often had heavilly driven filter inputs. I think Tats made a mistake here. I wonder if a firmware upgrade could provide an overdrive mode into,the filter and give it some beef.

    1. I think Tats’ rationale would make more sense with a 6 or 8 voice synth. Still, you could leave it up to the user and put a filter drive dial in as the Moog 37 does.

      Tats is obviously a brilliant designer. Minilogue is great, but I think there is even better yet to come from him.

  3. 8f it had more built in effects I think it would sound like some people expect it to. That’s where outboard gear and fx loops come in. I think thus is a great looking and functional synth. Whatever you can imagine can most likely be created. It’s not a modular, it’s a bare bones anolog synth with a great assortment of readily accessible controls and sequencing.

  4. just played one , its a nice size , well built (except for that pitch bend the spring noise is very loud when you use it) the sound is actually nice but very limited with not much low end. is it cool yeah would i buy no.

  5. Curious…read through the users manual..is there any kind of hold feature for the sequencer or arpegiator? I like to have both hands free when playing…

    I ordered one a week and some ago…

    I got to say I’m very impressed with the Synth.. They burned Down the house at NAMM 16 with their show/product…


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