3 thoughts on “Tracktion 7 (Sneak Preview)

  1. Can’t say that this is my first “go to” DAW of choice – using mostly Cubase, Live, Logic and Reason, but Tracktion is going from strength to strength and their support is impeccable 🙂
    Really like what’s on offer here and will definitely continue to support it.

  2. The one thing i’d love to see in Tracktion, is an option to choose a completely different approach to working with audio/midi. A creative space in the fashion of Live and Hollyhock. As the best things come in threes, Tracktion could easily fill that creative/artist niche. Risky, but ultimately rewarding imo.

  3. > their support is impeccable

    I beg to differ. For me, tracktion email support is non-existent. Also, there’s no manual – simply no excuse for this one.

    e.g. On OSX el capitan – T6 is horribly broken. Most plugins crash the DAW.

    Seeing as OSX el capitan has been out for nearly a year – you’d think the tracktion crew would have tested on OSX. Sadly not.

    I contacted them with a fix ETA last October … still waiting for that one.

    I really wanted T6 to work – it looks great & the concept is fantastic.

    But eventually had to gave up on Tracktion & swtiched to Reaper … haven’t looked back since!

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