Roland Juno DS61 & DS88 Synthesizer (Hands-On Demo)

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Roland product specialist Ed Diaz gave us an overview of their Juno DS61 & Juno DS88 synthesizers. 

Roland positions the Juno DS synths as performance keyboards. So their synthesis capabilities aren’t as deep as their hybrid analog/digital synths or their recently introduced Boutique synths. Instead, their strength is delivering sounds and features tailored to live performance, including full-size keys, support for sophisticated splits, layers, etc.


Roland offers two version:

  • The Juno DS61 offers 61-note with a synth action keyboard
  • The Juno DS88 offers an 88-note weighted action keyboard

For more info, see the Roland site.

4 thoughts on “Roland Juno DS61 & DS88 Synthesizer (Hands-On Demo)

  1. This and the Korg Minilogue are to me the real winners for live gigging. They look professional and sturdy, bread and butter full sound, and I imagine that you can pass the Minilogue mono out inside the Roland (if the impedence is right) so to have the best of both worlds.

  2. Ableton+Live…. lmao!! this guy is great. it is a demo of a product and he still manages to keep it funny and interesting enough. cool dude

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