Asparion D400 A Modular DAW Controller


Asparion has announced the D400 DAW Controller – a scalable DAW controller that can offer up to 64 motorized faders and ‘countless LED push buttons’. 


The D400 system is built around two modules:

T-ObbeThe D400T forms the basis of the system.

In addition to basic functions like “play”, “stop” and “record”, you can control settings like volume and panorama with the rotary encoders surrounded by an LED ring.

By use of buttons 1 to 8 you can assign several functions to the rotary encoders. With the four additional rotary encoders you easily control an EQ.

The Jog-Shuttle combination takes you to the correct spot in a matter of seconds. The available sockets to connect a sustain or expression pedal even lets you use your feet.

You can connect up to 8 extensions to the D400T which gives you up to 64 faders at the same time.

F ObbeThe D400 F offers a combination of 8 precise motorized ALPS faders with 3 LED push buttons each, with an accuracy of up to 4000 levels per fader.

Each extension can be connected to another extension, so there are sufficient USB ports at any time.

Details on the Asparion D400 system are available at the company’s site.

11 thoughts on “Asparion D400 A Modular DAW Controller

    1. on their german website the bundle goes for about 800€. just the faders go for about 550€ … dunno… for that price the x-touch looks pretty good

    2. This looks so cool. Kind of on the fence about the prices too. Didn’t see them in the description so here they are:

      German customers:
      Asparion D400F (faders) – 549,00 €
      Asparion D400T (transport) – 399,00 €
      Asparion D400 Bundle (both) – 899,00 €

      UK customers:
      Asparion D400F (faders) – £449.00 (inc VAT)
      Asparion D400T (transport) – £349.00 (inc VAT)
      Asparion D400 Bundle (both) – £749.00 (inc VAT)

  1. I guess they will also add a scribble strip expander, otherwise I don’t see this product succeeding. With a Behringer X-Touch you have that already, and Mackie HUI protocol, for less money.

    It’s a good idea this Asparion controller, also glad that there is a new company building such things.

  2. Im looking at these at the moment.. I’ve been waiting 3 years now for a new 8 fader expansion unit to come out, so i can get a 32 – 40 fader set up. As much as the behringer has the top spot, there is still no expansion units for the x touch or the icon platform M or Qcon pro G2 ( which are just around the corner ).. I’ve also read some reviews that explain that the scribble strip on the behringer is only usable using the x32 system, it doesn’t pick up the colour or track name from your standard DAW, ( i could be wrong ) likewise with the avid S3 which is pro tools feature locked. i think all show promise but most are flawed. Avid need to bring out a new version of the Artist , but with them your always waiting for updates to give stability & compatibility to anything other than pro tools.. It amazes me that people like Tascam M audio or MOTU haven’t nailed this. I have to say released in october of 2015 these Asparions are the only expandable ( up to 60 fader ) system available made in the last 5 years. unlike a 128 step midi fader these have a 4000 step resolution. Patrick at Asparion has been very helpful with my questions & if nothing appears at Frankfurt i will be ordering a 40 fader set up. UK price , you will be able to get those 40 faders & transport for 2 grand.. & thats pretty damn unheard of. Great to see a new company fulfilling the demands of so many producers that are just desperate to get the faders back. Only thing on the wish list is that it could have a master fader in the transport & LED meter at the side of each fader & 1 rotary knob at the top of each fader .. it would be perfect.

  3. interesting specs on fader resolution but the price and innovation don’t match today spectations.
    I dream with something like the Euphonix/AVID Artist Series but modern and open to more standards and applications.

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