Switched On Khachaturian Adagio

Sunday Synth Jam: This is a music video for David Ryle’s ‘switched on’ take on Aram Khachaturian’s Adagio, from the ballet, Gayane.

The Adagio is probably best known from its use in Kubrick’s 2001-A Space Odyssey, in the voyage to Jupiter sequence.

Technical Details:

The large format 5U modular synthesizer is played live with a midi file from Cubase.
Three voices are sequenced by a MOTM 650 and Synthesizers.com Q104. Each voice consists of a full resonant filter with other vco’s stacked and blended behind the filter sine waves. The lower third voice is a MosLab 901 suite with Oakley Discontinuity and Q106 through a MosLab 904 Moog ladder. The upper two voices are Q106’s through a Suit&Tie Guy Post-Lawsuit Low Pass and an Oakley SVF in low pass.

The atmospheric noise behind the voices is a patch mixture of pink noise and ring-modulated pitches from the lower voice. The pitch tuning is purposefully skewed off-pitch to rise and fall between the two ring modulated vco’s (SSL 1200 & 1130 DDVCO). They are sent through a MOTM 440 VCF which is also highly resonant with pitched FM. Then on to the Encore frequency shifter which is again pitch shifted via the note data from the lower voice sequence pattern. The finish of the patch is a two channel separation of the Up and Down outputs of the Encore FS into a Modcan 73B dual delay.

A final addition of Valhalla Shimmer is applied to the atmospheric patch in Cubase. Other delays to the main voices are two Lexicon dual reverb/delays and a TCElectronics D-Two.

All recorded in one pass at once. Thanks for listening and reading along.

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  1. It’s nice, but I would not really call it switched on if the piece was sequenced instead of played live (in multiple takes).

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