Eventide Octavox Harmonizer Now Available As AAX, AU, & VST Plugin


Eventide has announced that Octavox, formerly only available in their flagship plug-in bundle, Anthology X, will now be offered in an updated version in Native AAX, AU, and VST formats.

Octavox is a time-based diatonic harmonizing effect that allows you to stack harmonies, widen instruments, and create innovative rhythmic sequences with ease. Octavox features over 70 presets optimized for a variety of instruments, including drums.

Here’s the official video demo:


  • 8-voice diatonic pitch shifter based on technology from Eventide’s flagship H8000 effects processor.
  • Independent manipulation of key, timing, panning, delay, detune, and feedback for each voice.
  • Notation Grid presents pitches on a traditional music staff with a quantized grid for a musical programming experience.
  • Pitch-tracking ‘off’ mode allows it to shine on polyphonic and rhythmic sounds.
  • Updated and expanded MIDI functionality so that each voice interval can be set via MIDI note making it easy to use in live performance to manipulate incoming signals.
  • Over 70 presets optimized for a variety of instruments.
  • MixLock function allows you to quickly audition presets while keeping the wet/dry mix level static.

Pricing and Availability:

Eventide Octavox Harmonizer is available now, with an introductory price of US $99 until the end of February 2016. (MSRP $199)

2 thoughts on “Eventide Octavox Harmonizer Now Available As AAX, AU, & VST Plugin

  1. What would the difference be between this plugin and say the Eventide PitchFactor? I mean other than later being in a stomp box…..

    Is it same, same?

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