LEGO Eurorack Synthesizer Cases


Berlin-based reader Daniel Mueller let us know about his LEGO Eurorack modular synth cases designs.

“I am building cases for my music gear for a while now and just finished my second Lego Technic Eurorac Case,” says Mueller. “It is very stable and lightweight…and because of the fact that is build of Lego it is modular…that means you can attach more parts or change the depth, height , length…”

Here is a Flickr slideshow that features two of his LEGO Eurorack case designs:

Lego Eurorack Case /

You can also view it at his Flickr account.

He adds that he’s not selling these cases, he just sharing the images as inspiration for others about the possibilities for creating Eurorack cases using LEGO parts.

20 thoughts on “LEGO Eurorack Synthesizer Cases

  1. great idea you should put out a message for people to donate there unused or rubbish legos
    this way you can recycle and save them from a land fill.

      1. I once walked home down a hill in Barcelona, Putxet area above Gracia, kinda rich. Lo and behold, a familiar set of shapes peering out of the trash. FULL sets of star wars lego thrown out. And some nina turtles 🙂

        I added it to the two suitcases of 80’s lego I’m saving for when my daughter stops putting everything she finds in her mouth 😛

  2. It’s great when people have leaps of imagination like this as soon as you see it – it’s obvious Daniel Mueller we salute you !

  3. Awesome and Brilliant! What power supply, etc is needed to do this? If Daniel has links to Lego parts that would be even better!

    1. …as power supply i use uZeus module , so it is powered from the front. in fact you can use any other power supply in it. it is just a question of the depth, but you can build the case how deep you want…
      it´s an open format…that´s what i like most about it…it is really modular. you can always add or remove something…you know that from your modulars, right…
      and talking about the Lego parts…there are online shops (e.g. bricklink) that sell those parts.
      i will make a list of the parts i used and post it on the flickrsite.

      1. Super thanks, Daniel, that would be great! Definitely inspiring and helpful, as I’ve been wanting get into modular and don’t want to spend hundreds just on a case.

        1. there are cheaper things than legos out there that you can build a case from, like a suitcase from a thrift store, an old mic case, or pieces of wood.

          synthrotek sells cost effective power supplies.

          you still have to buy rails, well, you don’t have to do anything, but I would recommend it.

          1. …that´s true. you can even build your case from cardboard.
            since i love building stuff with lego, for me it was a challenge to build a eurorack case. but for getting started with modular i would spend more time in choosing the right modules…
            …so the case is not the case. 😉

        2. …you can build your case even with cardboard…
          building this case i made, you will spend about 50€ which is still cheap for a case.
          for me it was a challenge to build a eurorack case out of lego.
          you should better spend time in choosing the right modules than thinking about the case…
          the case is not the case 😉

          i am actually trying to (re)build this case in LegoDesigner so i can submit a list of the parts and the construction…will let you know when i´m done with this.

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