Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Synthesizers At The 2016 NAMM Show


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Pittsburgh Modular’s Perry Willig gave us an overview and demo of their new Lifeforms modular synthesizers. Here’s the video:

Pittsburgh Modular describes the Lifeforms Modular line of modules ‘the next generation of modular synthesis’.

The Lifeforms Modular is based around two modules, the SV-1 Analog Modular Synthesizer & the KB-1 Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller. The modules can be used individually, together as a pair, or as part of a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Details on the Lifeforms modular systems are available here or at the company’s site.

3 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Synthesizers At The 2016 NAMM Show

  1. vco tracking sounded pretty poor, third octave sounds about a semitone out in this demo. i wouldn’t describe that touch response as ‘smooth’ either…

  2. I guess I fail to see how this is in anyway the next generation of synthesis it seems like pretty standard stuff

  3. this is the perfect picture… this is a great starter system… but it really becomes something when you fill out the other half of the case with other things you are interested in…. and since it has so much more than most of the badass monosynths that have come out in the past few years.. its a great place to start and expand as your interest dictate.. this is smart… and beautiful… after Future Retro released the XS and talked about XSorries i thought they’d release another same size rack that expanded the function of the XS and multiplied it.. i think we may finally get there with their new touch plate controller/sequencer… but hey… i always want more modulation sources, attenuvertors, slew limiters, filters and a fuckton of VCAs….

    port wine



    this system looks the business… and will set anyone up for a rockin good time.

    fuck yeah

    look at that layout

    those knobs

    fucking beautiful

    anyone with any PM gear? how buttery do those knobs feel? love that big fuckin’ knob the most… gotta be cutoff right? haha

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