Modal Electronics Intros 4 New Eurorack Modules, New Rack Synth At Winter NAMM Show

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Modal Electronics introduced 4 new Modal Eurorack modules, a new rack-mount synth and more.

In the video above, product specialist Luca Mucci gives an overview and demo of the new modules.

In the second video, below, Mucci discusses a digital expansion board for their 002 synthesizer & a rack-mount version of their Modal 008 synthesizer:

See the Modal Electronics site for more info.

7 thoughts on “Modal Electronics Intros 4 New Eurorack Modules, New Rack Synth At Winter NAMM Show

  1. If they can stay below $300 each, then these will be a good deal, as far as bang for your buck in euroland, as it sits today. If they keep up with updates and keep really good support, then they will be a must have.

    1. Do not care for Euroracks however Modal’s customer support is truly second to none! I have two of their synths and their constant updates and help desk is superb!

  2. Have we reached the peak of the modular bubble yet? I guess with all the empty nest baby boomers retiring there are a lot of people with disposable income and disposable space to indulge these nostalgia trips, but I don’t see how any young person trying to pay off student loans and survive in some overpriced urban housing market would bother with this stuff…

    1. I don’t see a lot of baby boomers buying Eurorack. Those people are 51 to 70 years old now.

      It’s the baby boomer’s kids and even grandkids that are buying big into Eurorack. Mostly those 30-50 right now. Many of us went through the same struggles as students including student loans but many of us have had successful careers, managed our money well and now have the funds for our indulgences. Opportunities are still there you just have to work for it not assume it’ll be handed to you.

      1. SPOT ON, but the jury’s still out on this last generation and the amount of entitlement they seem to have. Just don’t seem to really want it, so I guess the best synth’s will be ours instead of theirs. At least for now!

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