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  1. Re-doing the vocals completely when they were pretty much the only aspect of the performance that was live (aside from theremin) takes the shine off this for me. Feels too milli vanilli. I usually like her stuff, just would have liked to hear the actual live vocals.

    1. Hey Garak, I completely appreciate your point. The vocal take on this particular song was pretty distorted as it was very early in the set and we were in a new (very sonically-challenging) space so I re-recorded it. (The theremin went into a DI so that was fine!) The vocal recordings for the other songs in the set are much better and I will be cutting more video with live vocals as well as theremin, so hopefully you will enjoy those! Stay weird, Clara <3

  2. It is a hard thing to grade, but the only time I am honest and true within the context of making music is when I am working in the studio. For me anything outside that context is fake and forced, just to appease the undeserved .

    I think it is a problem for many artist’s, society has placed much of the focus on rendition, when that holds as much value as being a performing seal.

    What is the right thing for a music producer to do? Not perform live? The only solid route to a steady revenue these days. Do an over-elaborate 15 minute version of a 3 minute tune, so you play everything badly in layers and loops? An experience no one is suppose to enjoy. Or, curate that song into an audio/visual experience that is solid and enjoyable for an audience, and also comfortable for the artist to perform? Just pull a bit of synth face, keep your hands busy and 90%+ will buy it.

    The real issue about performance, is that it is all about perception. Audiences are blown away everyday with “DJ’s” hitting play and bouncing around a stage like a loon, while they tweak a master FX – some don’t even go to the trouble of pretending to do something!

    And then we get disappointed by real talent pushing the limits, and therefore failing to make that performance 100% enjoyable. I aim to find a balance within this. It seems to help if I see my productions as a translation of a emotional theme, rather than a truth to aspire towards. This way a production becomes a launchpad, that in a live setting becomes a jam, that can go in any direction, and it will – lyrics could integrate current affairs, etc… So each performance is so much more than a simple rendition, recital or playback of a tune – I guess we have iTunes for that. I find a level of truth and honesty within that, as everything else feels fake.

    I guess it is really about flow, if you get on a stage and at no point do you enter a flow state, then what did you do? A version of a song you already did better? That’s not the best use of our time here.

    1. Hey Kuwa, Thanks for your comment. As I replied to Garak above, the live vocal take for this song had some distortion and while I was really happy with my performance at the time (i.e. I definitely entered a “flow state,” that is why I love performing so much) I felt that for the video I would redo the vocals and keep my live theremin part rather than use the distorted vocals. I’ll be posting more live video from this show with the live vocals, and really happy that you guys care about the integrity of my actual performance – that means a lot to artists like me who put a lot of time and effort into our work.

      1. I enjoyed the performance, and I could get that you were in a flow.

        My comment was not a criticism, more a response to the previous comment, just ranting on my own musings on how to keep integrity within translating studio work into performance.

        I find your setup here works well, maybe a little too head on for my tastes, but I look forward to seeing more audio visuals performances by yourself. Impressive.

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