‘Warszawa’ Live David Bowie Cover

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance of David Bowie & Brian Eno‘s Warszawa, from Bowie’s 1977 Low album.

The performance is by glkibler, who says, “My tribute cover of Bowie’s “Warszawa” from his 1977 Low album. Featuring my hand-built Frobe prototype modular Moog clone along with various Mellotron and piano waveforms.”

10 thoughts on “‘Warszawa’ Live David Bowie Cover

  1. Thanks for sharing, nice choice to cover. I think D. Bowie is in many of our thoughts. Was nice to see Audi give him props at the Super Bowl.

  2. Very evocative heartfelt rendition. Thank you very much! This was the piece that Bowie opened his ‘Neon White Light’ tour with, just him at the front of the stage with a keyboard. This video took me back to that moment, I was in awe!

  3. Hello,
    How do you play the last note at 3’01 ?
    I dont understand, shouldnt fit on the keyboard, it’s the next black key on the rightn next octave 🙂

    Thanks !

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