Cakewalk Sonar Teams With Celemony Melodyne For Latest Update


Cakewalk has released the SONAR Manchester update, delivering a major update to its Melodyne capabilities and more.

SONAR users who have the bundled version of Melodyne Essential can now upgrade to Melodyne 4 Essential for free.

With the older version, you could edit monophonic signals, like vocals and bass ,with the Melodic algorithm, and non-tonal, percussive material with the Percussive algorithm.

The new Universal algorithm in Melodyne 4 allows transposition, conforming to tempo, and quantizing chords and other complex material with very high audio quality. It’s even well-suited to pitch-shifting and time-stretching entire mixes, and CPU consumption remains very reasonable. (If you want to change individual notes within a chord in recorded audio, you still need a more advanced version, like Melodyne Studio or Melodyne Editor).

Other changes in SONAR Manchester include:

  • Patch Point / Aux Track Smart Solo
  • Track Solo Optimizations
  • Patch Point and Aux Track Support for Track Templates
  • Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

See the Cakewalk site for details.

One thought on “Cakewalk Sonar Teams With Celemony Melodyne For Latest Update

  1. ‘ell yeah and my laptop seems to get along with this version better than the previous. I’ve always been a Sonar user but I gotta say I’ve been having so much fun with Platinum. I love Roland, but I have to admit them dropping cakewalk and Gibson taking over was the best thing that could’ve happened to us Sonar people.

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