Free 3GB Rompler, Orion Sound Module, For Mac & Windows


SampleScience has released Orion Sound Module, a free 3GB rompler that features 97 virtual instruments, for Mac & Windows.

According to the company, Orion “is perfect to sketch out ideas before using bigger libraries that can tax the RAM and CPU very quickly.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The idea behind the Orion Sound Module plugin is to provide a rompler based on public domain samples that can be used to create royalty-free loops. At first, I made the plugin for my own loop production, but I decided to share it with the world in the spirit of giving back to the community that gave me so much.

The result is a 3gigs rompler full of great sounds that cover the basics: pianos, basses, percussion, world instruments, analogue synthesizers and modular synthesis.

Here are the official audio demos:

Instrument List:

Aeropohone – Accordion
Bass – Bass Guitar
Bass – Bass Synth
Bass – Dual SynthBass
Bass – Fretless Bass
Bass – Real Bass
Bass – Upright Bass
Bells – Bicycle
Brass – Flugelhorn
Brass – French Horn
Brass – Iowa Alto Sax NV
Brass – Iowa Bass Trombone
Brass – Iowa French Horn
Brass – Iowa Soprano Sax NV
Brass – Iowa Soprano Sax V
Brass – Saxophone
Brass – Trumpet
Brass – Tuba
Drum Kit – Guigui Acoustic DK
Drum Kit – Heavy Metal
Drum Kit – Kingsleys Acoustic Kit
Drum Kit – OS Drum Kit
Euro Modular – ClavPad
Keys – Analog Piano
Keys – Bright Piano
Keys – Cheesy Organ
Keys – City Piano
Keys – Dirty Grand Piano
Keys – Dist Hammond
Keys – DX EPiano I
Keys – Frost Piano
Keys – Iowa MIS Piano Lite
Keys – Iowa MIS Piano
Keys – PaperMusicBox
Keys – Rock Organ
Keys – Soft PipeOrgan
Keys – Tonewheel Organ
Keys – Upright Piano
Oberheim Expand – AddVerb
Oberheim Expand – FM Drama
Percussion – Children Xylophone
Percussion – Ethan’s Claves
Percussion – Ethan’s Glock
Percussion – Ethan’s Triangle
Percussion – Ethan’s Wind Chimes
Percussion – Glockenspiel
Percussion – Juan Xylophone
Percussion – Kelon Xylophone
Percussion – Marimba
Percussion – Temple Blocks
Percussion – Tubular Bells
Percussion – Turtle Drum
Percussion – Wind Chime
RetroSynths – Bells
RetroSynths – Minimoog Bass
RetroSynths – Polaris Dusty
RetroSynths – Roland Juno-6 LFO Pad
RetroSynths – Siel Orch Piano q150
RetroSynths – Siel Orch Piano1
RetroSynths – Siel Short Piano
RetroSynths – Yamaha CS15 SAW
RetroSynths – Yamaha CS15 SQU
RetroSynths – Yamaha CS15 TRI
Strings – Celtic Harp
Strings – Classic Guitar
Strings – Dulcimer
Strings – eBow Guitar
Strings – Ethan’s Cello
Strings – Funky Stratocaster
Strings – Guitar
Strings – Harp
Strings – Ukulele
Strings – Violin
Synth – Alsa Modular Wah
Synth – Broken Wind
Synth – G-Strings
Synth – Korgan
Synth – Minimoog Pad
Synth – Moog Lead
Synth – Moog Minitaur Bass
Synth – Moog Minitaur Lead
Synth – Moog Minitaur SpaceEcho
Synth – NuBass
Synth – Phatty Bass
Synth – Texture Pad
Voice – Boy Choir
Voice – Female
Voice – Man Ohh
Wind – Alto Recorder
Wind – Bass Clarinet
Wind – Bassoon
Wind – Ethan’s Bassoon
Wind – Flute
World – African Slit Drums
World – Bamboo Marimba
World – Gayageum
World – Toy Gamelan

Orion is available as a Windows (32/64 bit) VST plugin and AU/VST Mac OS X plugin.

If you’ve used Orion, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

17 thoughts on “Free 3GB Rompler, Orion Sound Module, For Mac & Windows

  1. Developers should Google prospective product names before release to avoid confusion. Synapse Audio has been shipping various releases of Orion Studio for about a decade.

    1. I’m well aware of Orion by Synapse Audio and it’s now a discontinued product. I decided to stick with the name Orion Sound Module because I don’t think Orion (the DAW) was that popular to begin with. In fact, it’s discontinued because it’s not popular enough to be worth maintaining.

      However, there’s a Kontakt instrument called “Orion Drum Machine” I recently discovered. Now, if I would have seen it I would have change the name of my plugin, but now it’s kind of too late to change the name…

      In any case, I hope people will like it and find at least a couple of sounds they like the 97 provided instruments.

      1. You still should have contacted Richard (the founder) at Synapse Audio to either ask permission or simply inform him prior to doing so if you had prior knowledge as you claimed to have had! Richard is exceedingly reasonable and a gentleman.

        Your defence of what you did is just sort cheeseball.

  2. ive always wondered why there arent more plugin romplers, like, emulations of old rompler hardware like EMu, Yamaha, Kurzweil, etc…. id love to have access to some of that stuff again, just for nostalgia’s sake.

  3. love these rompler type of plugins. Very cool to offer this. There was a time when this alone would be your entire sound collection along with a couple guitars and a mic… Unfortunately I am still tied to Pro Tools. Luckily I have Xpand!

  4. Does anyone do a GM rompler like this? Bandstand was the only one I recall, and it sucked hard. For Band in a Box, it would be great.

  5. Great Idea… definitely needs support.

    I always wonder why no big name company (NI, Eastwest, Best Service, you name it) didn’t release a “GM ROMpler” plugin with 8 to 16 GB or sounds we can completely load in memory to have instant access to thousands of presets (pretty much like the Korg Kronos or Roland Integra-7 do).

    I know, we can have the Kontakt Server with some templates, etc… but it’s really not well made. It would be so much easier if we would only have a tab in Kontakt to browse all Banks with all presets by category to show the “memory required” to keep it in RAM. Then we check/uncheck what we want to pre-load to have instant access between presets, with smooth transition, etc…

    This kind of feature would definitely end the hardware ROMpler and Workstation.

  6. Well, Synapse Audio Orion may not be popular but it is still a TOP DAW. Excellent workflow, LOW CPU, Stable & top notch plugin scanning. Can’t give it high enough marks & you don’t really need a manual to figure out how to use it. But it won’t make music out of nothing for you like ableton & others…so not popular.

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