13 thoughts on “Waldorf Streichfett String Machine Teardown Video

  1. Buy a STM32F4- or even STM32F7-Discovery-Board (both are extremely cheap) – both include the mentioned processor from Cortex-M-Series (and even an audio-DAC for your convenience to hear results).

    And then start to program.
    And if you know HOW to program, this board will exactly sound like the Waldorf Streichfett.

    And if not… well I think it’s ok to pay for missing knowledge.
    That’s how economy works.

  2. I really, really love these tear down videos. It’s great to see the different design aesthetics from each company and how they do mechanical design. I notice that there’s no ground plane poured around the traces on this board, for instance. It’s also very cool to see just how little circuitry is required to run a digital synth.

    1. This man is from the UK, they are called dungarees – they don’t hold that american connotation in the UK.

      The connotation in the UK is more of a 90’s onesie for a hippie/stoner – often worn with a psychedelic top and “spliff” behind ear; sometimes no top, tied around waist, whilst dancing repetitively, sweaty with open mouth – this is usually dependent of dosage and skeletal build. They also hold a slight boy band connotation.

  3. No strings attached, as all the threads are in the ARM processor.

    This is a “string machine” and not a string instrument. The clue is in the word “machine”, like “drum machine”. I guess at some point people got cocky and proclaimed, where are the drums? It isn’t a drum machine, it doesn’t have drums.

    It is a “drum machine” and not a set of “drums”, this is a “string machine” and not a string instrument. Is that an over powering concept to grasp?

    Your impertinent jest is both nonchalant and glib.

  4. A digital string machine? That’s ludicrous. Synth strings have major amounts of high frequency harmonics and aliasing will corrupt that and ruin the whole point – that analog string machines are magic because they generate and preserve those harmonics. This product is pointless.

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