Ableton Live iPad Editor

Developer Momo Miller let us know about a new project, Ableton Live iPad Editor.

With the Ableton Live iPad Editor, you can control the scenes, volume, sends, recording etc., from your iPad. Or you switch to the step sequencer, where you can edit tracks or make new tracks.

Here’s a video preview:

Ableton Live iPad Editor is available for 6,-€.

Note: Requires the iPad – App “TB Midi Stuff”.

If you’ve used Ableton Live iPad Editor, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “Ableton Live iPad Editor

    1. If this isn’t an official iPad app then I am thinking that is a serious infringement, without any consent or permissions. I can’t see that sticking around long as an iPad app, but maybe it is brilliant.

      I think once Apple see the design and naming of it they will take it down. If they don’t it would be shocking, considering they are the company constantly suing, regarding much lesser design principles.

      Bitwig did a similar DAW to Ableton , but they extended it and left stuff out, on a much bigger scale than this. Yet Bitwig didn’t try the look like an Ableton DAW, or call itself Ableton Linux Edition.

      Ableton are a fair play company. They don’t do an editor for iPad, they now do a sync app for iPad – and I guess they have their reasoning for this.

      Yet, regardless of quality, my understanding is that; the design, naming and application of this product is in its very nature dishonest, towards Ableton in order to gain funds from others.

      If no consent has been given, as your lawyer, I would seriously consider a re-design and name change.

          1. moccij: I am fully aware of function, I am talking about corporate design infringement and intent to defraud – independently of function.

            misho: Selling from his own site would diminish a case regarding intent to defraud, but only diminish depending on wording and design of site. Just had a peek – the site looks and feels like a dodgy Ableton site with no obvious wording to state that this is not a Ableton affiliated site or product.

            This thing is a minefield – a brave person would do such a thing, or a fool.

            The biggest risk for the maker, if no consent is found is in being successful – you make $1m,

            6 months on, having blown $500k, you find yourself in a court room with the prosecution asking a court if, this “Ableton” app running on an Apple iPad looks and feels like it was designed by the same people who designed this “Ableton” application running on an Apple Macbook – and everyone will agree, the court agrees, $1m in comp to company, $1m in comp to customers, $1m in court fees, and you got $500m in the bank. I don’t think it would come to such a thing, no lawyer would advise taking on such an open and shut case. And, you would likely get many a take down before that, and hopefully respond – but a crazy minefield that nobody needs if they want to sleep at night.

            This is the most clear design infringement case I have ever seen.

            It is possible that someone is just naive here in wanting an Ableton app that looks and feels like Ableton, and wants to make a little money doing the same for others – yet that doesn’t make it more or less of a transgression.

            It is likely a fairly useful product, and many people will maybe buy it knowing its nature and origin. But, it appears to be designed and sold with the intention of someone thinking they are buying an Ableton product, or at best an Ableton affiliated product. And that could be damaging to a company, while fraudulently taking money from 1,000’s of Ableton customers.

  1. Whoa there. Someone with a law degree made the mistake of coming on synthtopia right after they took their adderall.

    Doesn’t mean you’re wrong, just means you pulled out the big guns for no reason.

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