Free ‘Stank Pack’ For Ableton Live, Ableton Push

BeatDrop_Stank-Pack_For_Ableton_LiveCanadian Ableton-Certified Training Center, Beat Drop, has recently released a free “Stank Pack.”

The sample pack draws on a collection of classic and modern gear, with drum sounds sampled from the Oberheim DX and Roland TR-8. Bass lines were crafted with Oberheim’s OB-8 and Novation’s Bass Station II. Leads were made with the Novation Bass Station II. Pads were created with the Oberheim OB-8. Effects were made with the OB-8 or the Bass Station II. The samples’ signal path was a Focusrite 2i4 interface fed directly into Ableton Live.

Each pad contains a Simpler that provides the ability to shape envelopes, control LFOs, control filters and alter playback mode. Two return tracks were made within the Drum Rack to add space with reverb and delay.

Designed specially for use with the Push, the Stank Pack is geared for “jamming and controlling.” There are 4 quadrants – Drums, Bass, Leads and Pads:

  • The Drums quadrant has sampled drum hits and samples along with 1 drum loop for beginners.
  • The Bass quadrant has 4 different bass loops (each 4 bars long), individual notes and some bass riffs and fills.
  • The Leads section has 4 distinct lead loops (4 bars in length), individual notes and some risers, drops and licks.
  • The Pad quadrant has 4 unique loops (4 bars in length), 2 different styles of chord progressions, arps and pad effects.

The tutorial walk-through video, above, features two sections specifically for Push users, along with a third tutorial, on Session and Arrangement View, for all the non-Push users who just use Ableton Standard or Suite.

Pricing and Availability

The Beat Drop Stank Pack is free for download (email address required) at the Beat Drop website.

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