Tiracon 6V Analog Synthesizer (1987)

The demo video, via RetroSound, demonstrates the rare Tiracon 6V analog synthesizer from the year 1987.

RetroSound’s Marko Ettlich notes that the Tiracon 6V is a polyphonic synth keyboard that was made in GDR. “I saw this synthesizer first at the Leipziger autumn fair in 1987. It was the second synth made in GDR after the monophonic Vermona Synthesizer from 1982.”


  • 6 voice polyphonic ( 6 voice cards)
  • 8-bit prozessor U880 (Zilog Z80)
  • VCO: saw & square , combinied
  • VCF: 24 dB low-pass with resonance
  • 3 LFO: VCO, VCF and pulsewidth
  • 2 track sequencer
  • chord-memory

If you’ve used the Tiracon 6V synthesizer, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

9 thoughts on “Tiracon 6V Analog Synthesizer (1987)

  1. Another great specimen from behind the curtain. Not to sound facetious but I can’t help expressing my appreciation for someone with that many synths who uses an ironing board for a stand.

  2. A commie analog poly synth! I want one!!

    And about the ironing board – the struggle is real! If you start collecting vintage synths you’ll run out of things to put them on sooner or later!

  3. how are all those organ sounds coming out of something purely analog…id say theres gotta be some sample waveforms in there surely….

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