DIY Arduino Based Minipops 7 Rhythm Box Clone

Developer Jan Ostman let us know that he’s released source code for an Arduino-based Minipops 7 clone.

The Korg KEIO Minipops was featured prominently in Jean Michel Jarre’s classic electronic album, Oxygène

Ostman says that the code should work unmodified on any Arduino. 

korg-minipops-7Ostman notes:

Tempo and 16 pattern select CV input.
8 drum mute inputs.
Run/stop input and clock/reset outputs.

You can easily add a CD4067 AMUX chip for driving an analog sequencer in parallel with the rhythm pattern.

See Ostman’s site for additional demos and the source code.

If you give this a try, let us know about your project in the comments!

5 thoughts on “DIY Arduino Based Minipops 7 Rhythm Box Clone

  1. A clarification.
    I had a few questions if this is something that triggers my drum chips?

    It’s standalone and contains both sequencer and sound module on a single Arduino.

    Self contained.

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