Hang (Drum) + Omnisphere 2 Live Jam Session


Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Spectrasonics, captures a live jam between founder Eric Persing and Hang performer Gulli Briem.

Briem plays the Hang that was sampled to create the Omnisphere 2 patch that Persing plays on keyboard and Omni TR on an iPad. 

Because the Omnisphere patch is based on Briem’s Hang, the performance lets both musicians work with a similar sonic palette, but with Persing improvising with the capabilities made possible by software and Briem with the physical instrument.

11 thoughts on “Hang (Drum) + Omnisphere 2 Live Jam Session

    1. Oscar – sorry if that sounds stilted. This instrument is still very new and the language for discussing it is still evolving.

      While the instrument is often called a ‘hang drum’, the creators of the ‘Hang’ do not consider it a drum or a percussion instrument and players are not ‘drummers’.

      Hang’ is also a trademarked term, and the creators no longer even make the instruments/sound sculptures, so calling similar instruments ‘Hang’ is also incorrect from their perspective. Instruments derived from the Hang design are sometimes called ‘hand pans’

      Since Spectrasonics refers to the instrument used as a ‘Hang’, we followed the language usage appropriate for that term – and yeah, it sounds a little stilted.

      1. Hey synthhead not trying to start any shit but Gulli is the nr.1 drummer here in my country and pretty much everybody here knows him as a drummer 🙂 But i get what your saying about the hang drum as you can play “melodies” with it.

        P.s. keep up the great work this site rules 🙂

  1. Fantastic performance, as a omnisphere user it’s double as nice to watch 😉
    You are both really great as this is way beyond the “typical” Hang tracks.

    THANKS !

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