Techno On A Buchla Music Easel

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Peter Maas, captures a synth jam, Chicago Love, that explores using the Buchla Music Easel in a context in which it’s rarely heard – old school techno

Maas notes this about the set up: “TR707 triggering the buchla easel to generate a typical old skool chicago house track. Some delay and reverb added in ableton live but “live” recording.’

22 thoughts on “Techno On A Buchla Music Easel

    1. If you have a ferrari, and want to go to the supermarket, why not? If this guy has a buchla, and feels like playing techno once in a while, why not use this for it? Whatever it is that you’ve typed this comment out on has substansially more processing power than it took to get man on the moon, yet you don’t seem to have any qualms about using it to post random comments on websites.

  1. I thought this was great.
    All the negative posters should post something of theirs instead of ripping this guy apart.
    I sense jealousy that he’s got a Buchla.

  2. A bit more multitracking and synth percussion like cowbell please and this would be really good.
    Nice FM-like bass but there are millions like these.

  3. Don’t forget the true star here…The 707! The bass would have been even more inadequate without that burn down the house machine, justifying it!

  4. I agree that it’s nice to see a Buchla do something other than fart and tinkle but regardless of the synth being used this is a pretty dull track.

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