Music Thing Modular Axoloti Control Board


Music Things’ Tom Whitwell has introduced the Music Thing Modular Axoloti Control Board – an open source design that adds controls to the Axoloti digital signal processing platform.

Axoloti is an open platform. designed to let you create custom hardware synthesizers and audio processing systems. 

Here’s what Whitwell has to say about the new DIY design:

Axoloti is a very nice €65 audio board from Belgium, the closest thing I’ve yet seen to an Audio Arduino; lots of easy analog ins and outs for pots and switches, enough power to do interesting audio, and a nice visual patching system. A bit like a Nord Modular for 2016.

I’ve put together a simple control surface for my Axoloti; pots, buttons, LEDs and a joystick.

The BOM and PCB files (with a link to OSHPark to buy the PCBs direct) is here on Github: Axoloti Control Board.

It is all CC-BY-SA licensed so feel free to make and sell boards, so long as you credit me (Tom Whitwell / Music Thing Modular) and share any changes/improvements you make to the design.

He also shared a video demo, showing a little Echophon/pitch shift patch:

See the Music Thing site for details.

9 thoughts on “Music Thing Modular Axoloti Control Board

    1. It’s going from the headphone jack out to 2 x phono into a crappy television in the holiday flat I was staying in, which is why there’s so much hum and the audio is awful!

  1. I would definitely buy an echophon dedicsted signal procesor like this. Also a tape delay one too.

    Any thoughts on prodcuing them?

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