Six Modular Synth Makers Share Their Take On The State Of Eurorack Synthesizers

At the 2016 Winter NAMM Show, Vintage King Audio hosted the TEC Tracks panel: Meet the Maker — Modular Synths.

This panel discussion featured representatives from six modular synth manufacturers, sharing their take on the booming Eurorack format and their take on using ‘patch robots’ vs ‘patch boys’ for changing your modular patches.

Panelists include:

  • Dieter Doepfer (Doepfer)
  • Dan Green (4MS)
  • William Matthewson (WMD)
  • Tony Rolando (Make Noise)
  • Brandon Ryan (Roland) and
  • Gene Stopp (Moog Music)

Moderated by Ryan McGuire.

7 thoughts on “Six Modular Synth Makers Share Their Take On The State Of Eurorack Synthesizers

  1. These guys represent the manufacturers building your future in eurorack and only a few of them seemed to even want to be in the discussion. Geek and builder brains are not exactly what is needed for public relations, but come on.

  2. at this point the DIY community will have more to say about the direction of eurorack
    these guys are trying to predict a market that has grow WAY beyond their control

    : i want USB and bluetooth to be added to the eurorack standard

  3. I was at this session. There were interesting points, but I felt the moderator failed to maintain the focus and get everyone talking about the same topics. This seems to happen at most of these panel “discussions”.

    Ideally, the panelists should all be given the same list of questions in advance and then all be given a chance to speak on each topic and react to each other. Alternatively, a one on one interview with any of those guys would also have been interesting. Add slides of their work and products for a behind the scenes view.

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