ZVEX Candela Vibrophase A Candle-Powered Steampunk Leslie Effect

ZVEX shared this video, demonstrating the Candela Vibrophase – a sort of steampunk, candle-powered Leslie effect.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Candela Vibrophase is an audio guitar effect that produces a mono output which creates a realistic 3D rotary speaker effect combined with phasing, wah, vibrato and tremolo effects.

This hypnotic sound is produced using no batteries or power supply, merely a candle that drives two solar cells and a Stirling heat engine that spins an optical control disc whose design can be controlled by the user.

Zachary Vex says that this would cost about $6,000, but the savings in batteries would pay for it in about 2,000 years.

4 thoughts on “ZVEX Candela Vibrophase A Candle-Powered Steampunk Leslie Effect

  1. Make magazine had instructions on how to make a simple optical tremolo, which uses similar technique. Maybe it’s possible to attenuate CV with it, creating an LFO. Or add second photo pair on a separate audio channel to create a rotary speaker effect.

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