KordBot Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal, Working On ‘Stretch Goals’


The KordBot Kickstarter campaign has reached its funding goals, with three weeks left, and is now working on several ‘stretch goals’, including SD card support and expanded sequencing. 

KordBot is described as a ‘music production assistant that combines a chord generator, arpeggiator and step sequencer In one unit.’ It has 32 built-in chord types including inversions for each, with another eight user-banks for storing custom chord types.

Here’s the official campaign video:

The KordBot is available to project backers for US $249. See the project site for details.

via David

2 thoughts on “KordBot Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal, Working On ‘Stretch Goals’

  1. The whole concept doesn´t make any sense, due to the fact that Korg´s Taktiles and Electribes make the Kordbot completely redundant. The Taktiles have an excellent Chord Scale function that automatically generates chords according to the key and scale that you specify. By using this in conjunction with the arpeggiator and the Touch Scale function of the touch pad, one can finish entire songs in no time at all. You can also assign chords that you yourself play. If you want the chords to be recorded into a step sequencer, well, then use Electribe 2 or Electribe 2S. They both come with the Chord Scale function, too.

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