The Trippy Spaceman Music Of Meteor Musik, ‘U-F-FOE’


‘Kometen Melodien’ band Meteor Music shared their new music video, U-F-FOE:

Meteor Musik – made up of Tim Geelen, Micha Volders& Joeri Wijnants – has a new album that was recorded live to tape.

Here’s how they explain their process:

While jamming and improvising, their way of working invented itself: programming and playing everything live while recording directly to 5 minute audio tapes.

The whole post process of mixing and editing is cut out and the results are vivid snapshots of improvised live tracks organized into little stories.

Meteor Musik performs live with a bunch of analog gear, including: Jupiter 4, Sh101, Moog Liberation, Moog MG1, Yamaha CS-01, Tr707, A homemade drumsynth, Simmons SDS100, Korg Polysix plus ‘a bunch of effects’ – and looking like a trio of spacemen that have just landed on Earth and are ready to jam.

Their album, Asteriu, is available via iTunes.

15 thoughts on “The Trippy Spaceman Music Of Meteor Musik, ‘U-F-FOE’

    1. more like 40 years earlier UncleHm. Thnx for the link, it truly was good for my sunday morning to see that solid dancing at that Space Magic Fly Discomare thing;-)

    2. The Space Magic Fly video and tune had all those Space Magic Fly qualities. Whereas the contemporary theft version was weak. If you’re gonna do disco, do it with soul. And originality. Or am I asking too much? And the space masks are not doing it for me. But other than that, everything is great.

  1. a generation longing to be a different generation. this is so cliche but still moderately fun! they do a great job in the direction they’re going but it sure would be nifty to see just a bit more forward movement in electronic music theses days, esp of this site!

  2. Hey, this is a 1000x better than seeing some person on a stage with thousands onlooking, all while they wave and make the heart shape with their hands. Of course they take a break to live tweet every now and then… so there’s that. 🙂

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