Twisted Electrons Ay3 Eurorack Module Offers 70s LoFi Sound (Sneak Preview)

twisted-electroncs-ay3-moduleTwisted Electrons shared this sneak preview of the AY-3-8912 Рa programmable sound generator (PSG), designed by General Instrument at the end of the 1970s.

The AY3 gave voice to the Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Intellivision, AppleII Mockingbird sound card, MSX, Vectrex, ZX Spectrum 128K. Many early 1980s Arcade Games used two AYs; the Gyruss arcade board had five.

The AY3 Eurorack module can be set to 3 clocking modes: normal, Helium (overclocked) and Deep (underclocked), expanding the possible range of frequencies and sounds.

Here’s a video preview:

Twisted Electrons Ay3 Eurorack Module is expected to be available March 31 March 1, 2016. See the TE site for more info.

[UPDATE 3/1/2016: Twisted Electrons’ AY3 Eurorack Module was released today, March 1; the March 31 date was our typing error -Editor]

4 thoughts on “Twisted Electrons Ay3 Eurorack Module Offers 70s LoFi Sound (Sneak Preview)

  1. It’s a very cool module, but I don’t quite understand why they handled the under/overclocking the way they did, requiring you to mess about with re-starting the module. Surely it’d make more sense to just have either a 3-pos switch, a variable-rate control, or an external clock input. Otherwise, very cool. Simple & straightforward, but sounds good and has enough flexibility to be interesting.

  2. sounds cool – I have actually been on the fence about ordering on e of the desktop AY3s for a while,… I can imagine if I was a eurorack guy I would be all over this

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