Tracktion Updated To T7


Tracktion Corporation has released Tracktion T7, a major update to its namesake digital audio workstation.

“With T7, we’ve taken the Tracktion paradigm a lot further,” says Lead Developer, Dave Rowland. “In addition to a great looking, more dynamic user interface, there are a lot of practical improvements designed to boost productivity. I’m most excited about the new tools for manipulating clips and plugins.”

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s another look at Tracktion T7 from the 2016 NAMM Show:

Here’s an in-depth look at the new features of T7:

Key New Features:

  • Clip Layer Effects (Pat. Pend.), allows complete control of sound design at the clip level.
  • Multi-Browser Sync, provides the ability to preview many files together, from multiple browsers, in sync with the edit.
  • For plugins (VST and AU), there is a new visual selector to speed the sorting process and new LFO Generators to quickly modulate any plugin parameter.
  • The Marketplace interaction has been improved making it easy to shop for new virtual instruments and effects without leaving the T7 app environment.

Tracktion T7 is available for Linux, Mac & Windows for US $60. Upgrade pricing is $30.

4 thoughts on “Tracktion Updated To T7

  1. Tried the Trial version and I would honestly say the intuitive nature of this, the sheer brilliance and the new UI has made me purchase the new T7. The price honestly reflects their values and just renders everything else insanely expensive. I realise that some come bundled with ancillary software yet the T7 should be priced at least twice what is right now.

  2. Can you use VST in the Linux version?


    apparently not. but it simply depends on the plugin developers since they use the same technology in their plugins as tracktion does (framework)

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