The Music Of Far Cry Primal


The latest episode of the SoundWorks Collection sound profiles features composer Jason Graves, discussing his unique approach to scoring Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry Primal is a video game set in the Stone Age, so Graves decided to score it using sound source that would have been available in that time – wood, bones, rocks etc.

Graves discusses using traditional percussion instruments, along with sound design using non-traditional instruments, as the sound sources to create his score.

8 thoughts on “The Music Of Far Cry Primal

  1. I love videos like this. My only issue is that I wish they were a couple hours long…haha. Always nice to look over the shoulder of a talented person.

  2. I love videos like this… Ubisoft had already done all kinds of homework before I was brought onboard. They had anything from geography.. typography.. linguistics.. “seriously” researched. And the only thing I needed to worry about was to make sure I wasn’t using any instruments or sounds that were tied to a specific culture or a very specific country. So if I’m playing a drum from Africa we don’t want it to sound like an African drum, or if I’m playing an “American” flute we don’t want people thinking of Native Americans.
    Any “Africans” or “Native Americans” around here?

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